Plastic Breeding

Plastic Breeding (a story)

Before he went to bed at night, he put a long condom on and made sure it was tight enough it would stay, no matter how often he turned over. Then he looked at a few sexy pix and went to sleep with a smile on his face. Hoping it would work…
During the night, he was aroused by his dreams and had a few emissions. And the condom did it’s job.
In the morning, he collected the droppings and took them to the lab.
The lab tech smiled and gave him a chip so he could follow the case.

She arrived at the lab and lay on the exam table. The doctor collected eggs from her ovary and put them in a petrie dish. He added the sterilized and sorted sperm and sealed the dish. She was given the chip as well.

When the zygotes were ready, he put them into the plastic bag and hooked up the feeding tubes and the sterilized fluids the fetuses would grow in.
And waited…

A few months down the road, he separated the fetuses into individual bags for the last part of the “pregnancy”. And waited for the “birth”.

When the 40 weeks were up, the doctor opened the bags and lifted the babies out. Made each cry and put them into the isolets. And made a note on the case files to contact the parents for pick up.

The doctor was quite happy about the outcome of this case. He’d be using thes donors again.


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