Dommie Chats

Dommie Chats

  • with an angel

(having lit a candle and gathered my thoughts, I make my approach)

I call an angel to my side
to hear my supplication

  • with a demon

(having drawn a pentagram, laid a circle of salt and lit my candles)

I call a demon to my feet
to obey the laws of nature and order

  • with a beast

(having gathered a leash and a mouthguard)

Here beastie, come beastie!

< here’s your treat, beastie!

  • with a chattel

(having gathered my toys and tools, I call my property and command obedience)

Come now, thing # 1
Today we’re working on obedience training

  • with a friend

(having called and chatted for awhile, to catch up)

I invite you to come over to my place
Would you like a cuppa and cake?

  • with a lover

(having dressed to be sexy and mimic availability)

I invite you to be intimate with me
Come closer, if you wish to make love to me?

These are all conversations. All wanting my attention, my time and possibly even their own level of intimacy. But how would it work if I said and did the same thing, every time I engaged? I’d be in a heap of trouble, and be seen as a bossy lady. Don’t you think?

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