at the fringes of feminism (notes)

The word REAL is an acronym which means Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life.

Equality for Women
Most women agree with the concept of equality for women, but there are different approaches to achieving equality.  REAL Women believes the social and economic problems of women can be resolved only by considering the effects on family life and society as a whole.  We believe the family is the basic unit in society, it is the ideal model to nurture the young, protect the vulnerable and care for the elderly.

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types of men’s rights activists:

Broadly speaking, they fall into three categories:

  • The weekend-warrior, drum-circle, pass-around-this-wooden-phallus-and-talk-about-your-dad movement, popularized by poet and author Robert Bly. Known as the mythopoetic men’s movement, these groups tend to focus inward, on interpersonal issues around their own manhood.
  • The pro-feminist Men’s Studies guys, who like to question and re-imagine standards of masculinity and gender roles. Their conclusions have often led them to take political positions, but their focus is primarily intellectual and academic.
  • And the men’s and fathers’ rights activists, who believe that men have been oppressed since, well, a really long time ago. They focus on political, legislative, and cultural reformation, from the unjust family court system to entrenched media bias. It’s these guys—the MRAs—who are making the most noise these days. (The “A” in MRA can also stand for “advocate,” depending on which MRA you talk to.)

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feminazi or radical feminist

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