“I’m a Little Teapot” Kind of Charity Munch

“I’m a Little Teapot” Kind of Charity Munch

Our local munch had a really cool idea for a fund raiser. A Victorian tea service.  One of the submissives was battling a health issue and needed some financial help. So their dominant approached the munch leader. They came up with the theme together, because this person was into fine china and loved the Victorian era. So the theme was born.

Some of the high protocol slaves and submissives eagerly signed up to serve the tea. Esp when they learned what they would be wearing.  (It’s a surprise.  You have to wait till the end  😛 They didn’t even tell their masters or dominants before the day)

The servers got together and practiced how to serve a proper English tea. (It’s not that easy  j/s) All the bowing, scraping, and yes sirring was hard enough, without adding proper English tea. They even had an English old mum give them lessons in how to make a good cuppa. And all the courtesies of serving from the left or right, how to set the table for a high tea. Even the difference between a high tea and just a cuppa.

The day came…

The servers were giggling as they got dressed. Even though they’d be covered from head to toe, it seemed weird for them to be going in to serve a formal, high protocol event in this gear. Somehow they managed to get a serene, poised look on their faces before they entered the room. Which they struggled to hold when they saw the members’ startled reactions.

The tea was served, with all the pomp and circumstance due high tea.

Until the middle of the event, when the servers broke out into the song, [I’m a little tea pot][https://youtu.be/mdu5lLpMH_w]

> I’m a little teapot
> Short and stouts
> Here is my handle
> Here is my spout
> When
 I get all steamed up
> I just shout
> Tip
 me over and pour me out

> I’m a very special pot
> It’s true
> Here’s an example of what I can do
> I can turn my handle into a spout
> Tip me over and
 pour me out

> I’m a little teapot
> Short and stouts
> Here is
 my handle
> Here is my spout
> When I get all steamed up
> I just shout
> Tip me over and pour me out

> I’m a very special pot
> It’s true
> Here’s an example of what I can do
> I can turn my handle into a spout
> Tip me over and pour me out

 then collected the donations for the member in need. It was really cute, esp considering their outfits.
The hostess happened to notice that every now and then a server disappeared into the bushes outside the club, where the tea was being held. But they always returned and it didn’t seem to be affecting the service. So she let it go.  (Maybe when you see their outfit, you’ll figure out what they were up to?

The servers came back wearing silly grins, which quickly were erased as they took up their warmed pots and plates of cakes and sandwiches.

The hostess began to have her suspicions about what was going on when she noticed that their partners weren’t at their tables when their particular server went missing. Aha!  Well then, she laughed. Either they were getting a spanking or having a quickie in a corner of the garden. Well, maybe both!

Finally the event was over.

The servers helped clean up and the hostess counted the cash. They had met their goal!  And there was even a bit extra for a card and gift for the person they were going to present the money to. The hostess smiled. And went to share the news.

There were cheers and clapping.

She pulled one of the servers aside and had her suspicions confirmed about what had been going on in the garden. They laughngly wondered if the Victorians have ever had those “asides” during a tea?

Well the outfit was a bit risque. Suggestive? But even though it was underwear, they were **far** from nude…

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