in a warped mirror

In a Warped Mirror (fairy tale)

Once upon a time ago, there was a queen who had the power of sight. She could tell much about a person just by looking in their eyes. So she roamed the castle and made sure to meet everyone within it’s walls.
Most of the people were decent enough. The type who would protect themselves and their families by whatever means it took. They’d lie or steal in that vein. So she left them alone. She had been desperate, so she felt empathy. She also made sure that from now on, the castle spread the food stuffs out a bit more fairly.
There were a few people who were genuinely good. So she gave them projects to help the decent people and improve the castle. They taught the children, they cast small spells to protect the castle and the people with in it’s walls, and they roamed about guarding and lending a hand where it was needed.
The queen sought their advice when decisions needed to be made. Because she knew that they were genuinely good and had good motives of concern and kindness.
The queen was happy with how things were among the people within her domain.
Till one day…
A knock was heard on the doors of the great room of the castle. A guard let someone in and brought her to the throne for the queen to greet. The queen took one look at this woman and her skin began to crawl. Her stomach felt heavy. And her throat started to close.
The queen knew she had seen the face of evil. She greeted the evil woman and asked for a moment to gather her greeters. She ran to find the good people and told them about the visitor.
They came up with a plan.
One had heard that a mirror could capture and hold powers. So they had a few guards take a mirror into the great room and put it behind the throne.
The queen came back to the throne and was chatting in a kind and caring way with those near the throne. Including the evil magician.
The good people were praying in the back room, to collect power toward the mirror. In hopes of boosting it’s ability to ward and trap the magician’s evil powers and hold them away from the people of the castle.
The magician was thinking she had the upper hand, ready for her moment of power.
Till she looked into the mirror…
And saw her own eyes looking back at her with glee. She actually jumped, seeing her own evil reflected. The drain of positive and good she had begun was drawn into the mirror, instead of toward the people of the castle.
It was like there was now a tractor beam between her physical eyes and the image of them in the mirror.
The queen grabbed the king’s arm and pulled them both to safety. She got the guards to direct everyone out of the great room. Quickly!
The magician was held by the beam. All the self loathing and rage she had felt was keeping her imprisoned by the beam. Her soul was being stripped of the evil. She felt like she was being molested by her own power.
It went on till she was empty of hate and rage. Till the fear demon she had collected with them was banned from the castle. The magician collapsed.
The queen and the good people re-entered the great room and helped the magician to a chair. They gave her water and soothed her, till she was calm. They heard her story and did their best to reassure her that the world was not an evil place. That she could overcome her past and move forward, without a demon’s power to protect her. They taught her prayers of self protection and sent her on her way.
They thought all was solved…
Till they realized that anyone who looked in the mirror was now infected by that evil.
The good gathered and worked their spells and said their prayers. But they had little effect. So the queen smashed the mirror to pieces, put the frame into the big fire pit in the great room, and set it ablaze. Using some mead to escalate the fire’s heat.
In the hottest fire the castle had ever seen, the queen and the good saw minor demons screaming and were shaking.
Finally all the screaming stopped. And the queen put the fire out. She spread the ashes outside the gates of the castle and had prayers said to cleanse the castle.
All seemed well, till the magician came back again. She had wandered the world and realized there was plenty to fear in it. So she came back to where she had felt safe. The castle.
The queen welcomed her in, when she realized the magician wasn’t bearing any demons this time.
This time though, the good taught her some tools so she could wander the world without fear and hate building again. Then sent her on her way. The last thing they wanted was for the castle to be her prison, when she had no roots here.
Once the magician left, the people went back to normal. For them.
The decent people were led by the good. The good were led by the queen. Who used her power of sight to look in the eyes of anyone who came to visit the castle now. Because she wanted the castle to be safe for those that lived there. But welcoming to strangers, if they had good intentions as well.
Never again though would a demon driven soul be allowed into the castle, as long as the queen lived.

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