on the night of the blood moon

On the Night of the Blood Moon (a story)

Let me just say this… I know you won’t believe me. I don’t believe it and it happened to me. So how could I expect you to believe it? Answer is… I can’t.
The night of the blood moon, we decided to have a party to watch the skies. It was a mix of young families and young couples looking for a bit of romance. There were cameras, binoculars, and telescopes aplenty. I guess they didn’t believe that if you looked at the moon thru glass, you’d have bad luck. We weren’t that superstitious a lot. So there we sat with our glass looking at the moon.
The young families were pointing the moon out to their kids, the young couples were kissing and planning to share this memory when they were old and grey, if they made it that long. They knew if they saw the blood moon, their kids wouldn’t.
I was there with my cousin and his wife. We sometimes hung out together. We got along well. So we were having our snack and looking at the moon. Laughing and joking around. Having fun. It was just a nice, fun, wholesome time.
A few weeks later, I realized my period hadn’t arrived yet. Odd, but I put it down to stress. Or I had been dieting, so maybe i needed some red meat. I had a steak and figured that ought to bring it on.
A few weeks later, I went to the doctor. Maybe I had a UTI? The doctor got a urine sample and told me they had to check me for pregnancy before giving me antibiotics. I laughed and said sure! But I won’t be.
They did a quick lab test and guess what? I was pregnant. HUH??? But I hadn’t had sex in months! I was sent over to the hospital for an ultrasound to find out how far along I was. They told me about the night of the blood moon. Say what?? I told them to stuff their test, something was wonky. Either I was farther along, or I wasn’t pregnant! I got really angry with them. So they did blood hormone tests. They validated the ultrasound.
I went home and told my cousin’s wife. They had been with me most of that weekend. So either the tests were wrong or something weird was going on. She tried telling that to the doctor’s office, but they didn’t believe her either. Science was science. I must be lying.
So I went further along, thinking they were nuts and them thinking I was a liar. Even my cousin and his wife started doubting me. Esp when I started showing. About five months in.
I went to an urgent care clinic and had them repeat the tests. They were sent to a different hospital. They came back. I was pregnant. Though I had no clue how or by whom. I wasn’t a virgin, but I knew when last I had sex. Something weird was going on. But if I was indeed pregnant, then I now had to prepare for a pending birth.
About 4 months later, I started having labour pains. I called my cousin and we went to the hospital. Hours later, the pains stopped. They thought it might have been Braxton Hicks contractions and sent me home.
Over the next weeks, my stomach went back to normal size. I had no idea what had gone on. I had no explanation. I went back to the doctor. He wanted to know when I had had the baby. I hadn’t. Then he went with hysterical pregnancy. Maybe, but it wasn’t me who believed I was pregnant. It was the doctors. The tests.
What the double H was going on??
I was reading one day soon after, about the blood moon. It appears there are superstitions about it. One of which is if a young fertile woman looks at it, she will get pregnant. O.o
I guess I should be grateful that I wasn’t holding a mewling baby at this moment. But where do the babies go? Are they born or do they go to the spirit world? Is it a faerie child? Is that how they’re born?
I did know one thing for sure. I was grateful there’d be no more blood moons for me to look at while I was young enough to have a baby!
My question for you is… do you believe me?

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