Ms Ambition

Ms Ambition (a story)

Her ways out of her life were thru becoming something out of her own abilities. Or gettig married.
She wasn’t that pretty. I mean no one would throw her out of bed. No kid would scream from catching a glimpse of her. But she wasn’t even a beauty queen in her very small town.
She wasn’t that smart. So there’d be no univ or college days for her. Her dad made that clear often enough. He’d never pay for a C student to go party her nights away.
She had no special talents. So she just plodded along in life. Thinking she had failed before she even started. She had no dreams of her own. Except to never be left without a roof or food.
Till she started to catch on that there might be a way left for her… getting married.
She wasn’t that pretty. So there’d be no billionaire anytime soon in her future.
She wasn’t that smart, so a doctor or lawyer would never be there in her future.
She knew her table manners, but there’d be no way she could fit into the club set. She wasn’t the type to arrange dinners or charity events.
So what could she do?
She found a guy who was the boss of his little crew, They were the ones who stood on the corner, smoked cigarettes and pot. They drank beer and whistled at the girls. Her dad called him a wastrel. Said he had no ambition.
Her eyes perked up and she knew what to do.
The sloth (as her father called him) had always had a crush on her. And she knew she could get his attention very easily. So she defied her father and went after the sloth’s affection. It was easy.
She got him to marry her. She had a choice… either keep her legs crossed or get pregnant. She chose keeping her legs crossed. The last thing she wanted was to bring a baby home to her father’s house.
As soon as they were married, she started whispering in his ears about how to run his little stuff so he made more money. And slapped his hands away from the product.
Their stash got bigger and bigger. And she started to feel like she might be ok if her father died.
Her father did die shortly after her wedding. When the will was read, she found out her father had cut her off for marrying the sloth. She couldn’t even cry at that. Or at the fact he had died now. She was too mad.
Her ambition grew. Their stash grew. The sloth was getting frustrated at having to work and not party. So she cut him off from sex till he fell into line with her wishes. Didn’t work. He just got blow jobs from the party girls.
So she took over the jobs he hated the most and left him with the fun stuff. And gave him some money to have parties with.
And their stash grew. So their marriage settled down. And she was happy.
She didn’t want to be a billionaire. All she wanted was a man to take care of her, cuzz she didn’t have anyway to do it herself and now her daddy was dead.
And just to be sure she had her man chained… she had a baby. Now her life was set.
Till one of the party girls took her man. The divorce cost her half of her hard earned stash. But she built it back up again. For her little baby girl. Cuzz she now knew, the only thing she could do was make sure the stash grew, so her daughter would be free some day.

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