Visions of Gaia and the Green Man ( a story)


the club  –
A few friends kept trying to get me to go to a new dance club with them. Finally I gave in.  I was just sick of them asking, so I decided to play along.
It had to be on a Friday night. Our evening had to begin around  11 pm.  And we had to dress in corsett dresses and stiletto heels.  Each of us in a different colour. Kimmy wore white.  No surprise there. She was the most innocent of us. Tracy wore pink.  She was our princess, so again, no surprise.  Missy wore red for siren.  Patty was purple. She was our dreamer, so the group unicorn.  And I wore black. Yep you got it. I’m the goth metal head.  Into all that is supernatural and hard core.
To this day, I have no idea why we get along. But we respect each other. We all love music, art, and dance. We’re all good at what we love. And we know and practice our craft. So whether we were alike or not, we got each other in that. We gave each other the space and time to be ourselves. With little complaint. It meant a lot to each of us as  individuals to have that. So we could coast thru our relationship, knowing that. However different we were.
The club was Kimmy’s find.  Miss Pop star. She had heard of the new club, was told it was hot and unique.  That was enough for her. Tracy wanted to know what kind of dance it was. Just music. Repetitive, loud, drums and synthesizer. It made the dancers feel IDK loopy? Without drugs. Circa 1990s.
My ears perked up. I asked if there were any rumours of spiking the punch (so to speak).  Kimmy said she hadn’t heard of any. She’d be the one who’d know. Kimmy was tapped in.

So we went. All excited in our own way.  And looking forward to enjoying each other’s company. And a break from our usual head space.
We arrived at the club and had no problem getting in. We’re all pretty, in our own way. And we had the tickets needed. But they do let pretty girls in first. Everyone knows that on the club circuit. Right?
We checked our coats, got our first drink gratis. Being young pretty women, they wanted us to come back.  The cute guy at the coat check smiled and flirted with us.  Esp Patty.  But he kept looking at her like he wasn’t sure she was all there. Well she can be a little out there. I stayed quiet when I saw that. Cuzz if you find Patty out there, then don’t talk to me!  j/s  She was my gauge for a lot of the men around us. And vice versa.  If I was too hard core supernatural, there was a good chance you’d like Patty. So she stepped in. No hard feelings.  We get that people like different things. Different people. One of our group usually got the cute guy.  We just weren’t sure which would.

So we went onto the dance floor, that was practically humming from the vibrations and we could feel the heart beat of the drums in our throats and chests.
And we all did our own dance thing.  Kimmy and Tracy were the type who knew the latest pop steps.  Missy and Patty were slutting it up for the guys around them to happily watch. And me?  The girls call me dervish, with good reason. I spin and spin and spin.  Till I’m zoned out.  My friends keep me near the edge of the crowd and  keep an eye on me, so I don’t get taken off by the guys.
This place was perfect for any of their styles.  But it was most perfect for mine. It was hypnotic.  And I fell into the circle.
I saw the forest.  I saw the circle in the center.  I saw Gaia and the Green Man having an encounter.  I always thought of them as lovers. Mad, passionate lovers. The kind who made you blush, no matter how experienced you were, when you watched them. Because they sizzled when they were together. I wasn’t sure where each began or ended.  They were pure sex.
And that was how the trip to the club went. Just some dancing and flirting with cute guys. Besides me seeing Gaia and the Green Man again.
the drum circle  –
I went to the community center because I had read they were planning to have a drum circle for women.  That was something I could totally get into. Drums are def a thing for me.  It’s a large part of why I listen to the music I do. Metal and hard rock.  I’ve been reading up on  drums in faith and wanted a chance to explore that in a safe place.  I was pretty sure they’d keep it lite in a public place that wasn’t their temple. Seemed safe to explore it there.
I dragged my friend Patty along.  She’s on the esoteric side of the coin. So she was willing to spend her time with me that way.
We decided to wear our hippie gear so we might blend in, or at least not offend anyone. We wanted to be modest till we scoped the group out. So colourful loose tees and a long flowing skirt to match.  We wore tie up sandals as well. And big loop earrings. Light makeup.
When we got to the center, we were given herbal tea and a couple cookies. All fruits and nuts. Really, nothing else. They were delicious.  And I was sure would do my gut good. Probably my days’ servings worth of fruit and a good protein source.
Patty and I toasted each other with the cookies and smiled.
When the group of women who had been invited all arrived, the presenter went into her spiel about the hypnotic effect of drums and their religious  use for many cultures. A steady beat could apparently help you meditate.  You might even get a trance out of it.
Patty smiled at me. She knew I often zoned out at clubs when we were dancing and even listening to music at home.  I winked at her. Drums and I are old friends.
Soon enough, the circle began. Soon enough, we got into a groove.  So we were actually achieving a really cool heart beat effect with the drums. Rhythmic and predictable. Soothing.  And yes, hypnotic. I started to sway to the beat.
I went into the forest.  Into the center of it. And saw that Gaia and the Green Man had beat me there.  They were in a mad passionate moment and I just stood watching them. Trying to be discrete.
I stayed there, till Patty  bumped me in the ribs. I looked at her with a “huh” look on my face.  And she smiled.  Said it was  time to go.
I asked Patty if she ever got that loopy feeling. She said yes, but not to drums. I made a note to be sure I went out with her when drums might be part of the outting. She understood and would look out for me.
I also picked up some of the literature for the group that had done the presentation. I wanted more information and they seemd like a way to get it. I was glad i had come.
the forest walk  –
I’d been having these visions of Gaia and the Green Man in a forest, so I thought I should go to one and see if I could find out what they wanted to tell me. Or if I just needed to spend some time in nature, to feel rejuvenated.  I often needed that time to “commune with the faeries”, as my aunt called it.  She and I were very similar in that way.
So I called her to see if she wanted to tag along. She said yes.
There is a wood near where I live. It’s not very deep, but in theory you could get lost. I never went into it alone. JIC.  I’m not a forager or survivalist. I’d be more likely to poison myself.
Auntie Caro and I packed a lunch and some snacks as well as water bottles.
Sweaters in case it got chilly. and a slicker in case it rained. And wore our hiking boots.  Auntie Caro took along a walking stick. She is still an agile, feisty woman who is more likely to beat someone with the stick than really need it to keep herself steady.  Which might be why she actually uses it.
We set off on our walk.
I had a book along so we could look up the vegetation and flora we saw as we walked. And it was a lovely fall day. So it should be good weather. We might not need more than our tees, but you just never know. Better prepared,  as the scouts say.
Auntie Caro and I chatted in a light friendly fashion as we walked thru the woods. And when we came to the center circle, we were in a good mood.  As well as ready for our lunch.  We spread our slickers out and put our sweaters on them for a bit of padding. And happily ate our sandwiches, then drank the soup we had put into a thermos. Chatting all the while.  We were having fun.
We stretched out and had a bit of a nap before we started to walk back to the car.
I had a dream of Gaia and the Green Man…
They were having an argument about something. Well that was disappointing! Though since I was with my aunt, probably just as well. I mean…
I couldn’t make out what the issue was though.  I couldn’t understand their words, nor make out the context. But it seemed serious.
I woke up slowly and looked for my aunt. Then I noticed her coming out of the greenery and presumed she had needed to water a bush. I went off to find another bush to water, before we went back to the car.
I hadn’t really learned anything.  So I guess it was just about getting me and Auntie Caro out for the day together.
And that was fine by us.
But I did wonder why Gaia and the Green Man were arguing.

P3  –

My friend Missy and I had a chat on the phone last night. It seems she and her BF are looking to explore opening their relationship up and she wanted to talk to me about it. She knows I’ve done this kind of thing before, so she wanted info and it seems they both think I’d be hot to have a 3-some with. Her BF has gone to the dance clubs with us at times. When we’re less sure of the place and worry about our security. He makes a good bodyguard. I wasn’t that surprised to hear he thinks I’m hot. Women know. (wink)
The first thing I made clear was if I participated, I wouldn’t submit to him. I wouldn’t be bound, with him in the room. Missy said that was fine. He wanted to be bound, not us girls. He wanted to be teased and tortured by a couple of hot women. Rapaciously. Ok, I could get into that.
Then I wondered if Missy and I were supposed to be together. Missy said that was something we didn’t have to worry about the first time, cuzz they were just planning to focus on him this time. I asked her if she was bi or pan, and she said not really. But she didn’t mind making out some with a woman, in that context. She thought it’d be hot. So she thought she was curious or flexible. If anything.
I asked what she meant by making out. She said kissing and massaging each other’s boobs and maybe rubbing each other’s clit while one was riding him. Cool, I could get into that.
Well then, … I asked about our friendship. We weren’t besties but we did hang with the same group often. How did we avoid us becoming awkward if things didn’t work out? She said by their assurance that they’d respect any boundaries I put into play.
I also asked if she was sure her BF would respect our boundaries. And only be hitting on me when given this leave, as a play date. not as an ongoing relationship. She reminded me that she was the one making the approach, and he never had before. Good point. She also said he had always respected hers. Well, that was probably true. I did know that she never complained about this BF and had about others. And they had been dating awhile now. So the NRE thing was probably worn off. She was probably telling the truth.
I asked if he was her submissive. She said no. They were just playing. It would be hedonistic, sensual. not really dominant. Not really sadistic. Ok then.
I asked her for a couple days to think about it. And said I’d let her know. Then hung up the phone. It did sound like fun, after all.
So we had the dynamic, the outlying script basis, and the agreement that this would be a one-off playdate, unless further negotiation was made. And that I would not be bound. Unless we got more detailed, and we could if anyone had more questions but didn’t have to, it seemed like a fairly good plan. Something enjoyable. And he was a cutie. Mostly, whether or not I trusted him, I did Missy. Mostly because it didn’t benefit her social needs and our group relations for her to propose something then lie or abuse my trust. It would go badly for her. I am not the type to cry in a corner. Neither was she. So I intended to be clear and keep my word.
I worried it over for a few days and went thru the erotic possibilites for a few days (yes I masturbated about the concept).
Then I called Missy and said it was a date. We went over the agreement again to be sure we understood, then set the date and time. It looked like a go.
Just as a tip to the wise, I did mention there might be some shyness, awkwardness and jealousy. I’d found that before.
Missy said we were all adults and none too innocent. So she hoped to be able to talk it thru. That was her aim, anyway. We hung up and looked forward to the date.

P3 Tools  –
The day finally arrived that Missy and I had negotiated for her BF, Rick.  They wanted me to join them in a 3-some and we had negotiated the terms.
Rick gathered the tools and cuffs he wanted us to use to tease and torture him with. Then he left to go to work.
Missy invited me over for tea and we looked thru the tools. It appears Rick wanted to be tickled. So… feathers, boas, stuff like that.  He wanted to be scratched.  So… claws.  He wanted to be pricked.  So… needles, of course. And he did want some whipping, but not harsh. So… cat of nine tails. Just as a light ouch Missy said. Nothing sadistic. And he wanted to be burned. So… wax.
I said if he truly wanted all that done, whether any one thing had been harsh, he’d be in pain by the end.  She laughed and said, whatever we got to.  Just so long as those were the tools used. When they were. And so long as he could call stop when he’d had enough. Not a problem, I said.  She told me the safe word they used.
Rick wanted to have sex with two women. Missy only agreed if Rick was bound and she controlled who and made the negotiations. Which is where I came in.
There was nothing I objected to.  Esp since he was the one who would be receiving the pain. It was supposed to be about Rick’s fantasy. Typical guy.  I laughed and asked her when she got her fantasy. She winked and said, it was hers as well. But he thought it was a gift for him.
I said it would be our secret.
Just before he got home, we changed into sexy lingerie and waited beside the inside door to the garage.  As he stepped in,  Missy locked one cuff on his wrist, and I did on the other. He smiled.  Rick said thank you to me and kissed Missy.
“I was afraid one of you would chicken out.”
We laughed. And headed for the bedroom. He undressed and we bound  him to the four posters.
And it began.
Missy and I took turns teasing him with the toys and massaging him. We kissed each other now and then too. Then Missy encouraged me to ride him.  She put the condom on him and we had sex.  He had a lot of stamina and I easily got to the point of orgasm. As I fell into it, I went to the forest circle and saw Gaia and the Green Man there.
I was naked, only half alert and not ready at all when the Green Man grabbed me and pulled my soul out of my body.
Gaia erased any sight Rick or Missy had of them and left them thinking they had had a great time with me, till I dressed and went home. She collected my clothes and we were covered.
The Green Man took me to his cave. They were not happy that I had seen them repeatedly and had been on alert for the next time I came thru the veil.
I was now their slave.
The Green Man looked like he was going to enjoy the situation. Gaia looked a bit pissed though.  I wasn’t sure what to think. But I did know that I was about to have an experience few live humans ever will. What could be wrong with that?
What indeed.

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