the truth about sexual assault

The truth about sexual assault : it’s not as much of a gender issue as you’d think

## . . . .  the story of men

Men have a thing between their legs that is basically a bundle of nerves. That goes up or down based on a will of it’s own. Whether it’s arousal, having to pee or just cuzz the air blew on it. Maybe the zipper of their jeans kept rubbing it. They were in warm water. And to their shame, the doctor or nurse snapped a glove when they knew they were about to get an exam.

When they are in their teens 20s and 30s it goes up and down like a yoyo. Never predictable. Not really avoidable.  So is is really a great shock when it gets used to sexually assault them ? Their own body is a weapon against them then.

Why would they “take it”?

Not because they’re weak. There are as many reasons as there are men. Same as with women.

And men don’t have the social network to help them get to safety or heal after sexual assault. Esp if they are assaulted by a woman. Because the first thing they have to do, is stop the person listening from laughing, or clapping them on the back.

## . . . .  the story of women

Women’s equipment is mostly internal. So harder to tap into with random stimulation. But if you have ever gotten your panties between the labia or had your jeans seam rubbing your clitoris, you know accidental can occur.

## . . . .  part of my comments in the thread

Here’s a very simple way for a woman to rape a grown man and easily accessible as well. Two pills and he’s frozen, unable to move and hard as a rock. I won’t tell you the name of the first pill but the 2nd is viagra. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Here’s another way, he’s sleeping, drunk or bound and he has an erection she uses. No pills req’d

Last eg I promise. She has a few friends hold him down. A bit of stim of the prostate and he’s erect.

As for rape, a dildo and it’s penetration, even a finger is.

Reminder, not all arousal is equal. Passion and pleasure easily can or can’t cause an orgasm. Plenty of women have trouble achieving that. Some women respond to fear and pain, or shame and some kind of distressing stim. More uncomfortable than painful and sure not pleasureful.

## …. sources

NB- Transgender inclusive info


## . . . .

[men raping men][]

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