a dommie’s tease…

A Dommie Tease…

Victor came to Dommie’s house, expecting to get whipped or spanked. He also expected to have her yell at him and call him names. Instead, she was really sweet and had a big smile on her face…
She invited him in, had him remove his pants and underwear and sit in a strange chair. It looked a lot like the potty chairs that they used in his grandpa’s nursing home. So he giggled a bit. He asked her if she wanted him to pee now? He said he might get some air out, but was too nervous to use it as a toilet otherwise. She smiled and shook her head no.
Besides feeling himself get hard, the first thing Victor noticed was a tickling sensation on his ballsack. It took him a few seconds to figure out it was a feather. Ah so she liked sensation play as foreplay, did she? Cool!
Then he felt a few pricks of a needle. That made him squirm. He wasn’t fond of needles at all! So he blew thru his nose and suffered till she was done.
Victor heard her snap a glove on and grimaced. Oh she wouldn’t, would she?? Thankfully, the answer to that appeared to be no. She rubbed all over his peri area and genitals until he felt a drop of pre-cum exit his head. She suddenly stopped and waited till he calmed down a bit.
Dommie pulled the glove off and told him she wanted him to masturbate for her. Slow steady strokes. He was happy to touch himself at that point. just not sure he could stay at slow. But he began. And for a few whacks it was ok. Manageable.
Until he felt a light buzzing sensation behind his ballsack. He gulped and took breaths to slow down his excitement. And tensed his abdominal muscles to help keep control. He also grabbed his bottom lip with his teeth. It was getting hard to stay still and keep the steady strokes she had wanted.
But she ramped up the buzz and it took everything he had not to cum. He was shaking. And she laughed. The bitch!
Dommie paused to give him a chance to calm down. It was obvious she was playing some long game that he wasn’t previously aware of.
Then he felt the buzzing begin again, but this time it was focused on his anus. He was told to start stroking again. The buzzing actually distracted him from the pleasure of being hard and masturbating now. He wasn’t big on anal stim.
Till she inserted it just a bit. About an inch or so. Then he started squirming. Ok maybe there was a good thing about this.
Dommie stopped when she saw he wasn’t paying attention to the speed of his strokes and was going too fast. She sharply told him to watch what he was doing and follow her instructions. She snapped his penis tip with a rubber band. Bloody hell! That hurt him! He gave her the stink eye. She just stared at him till he got that she was the one in charge. He ducked his head down and started the slow stroke when she directed him. Paid more attention to keeping the speed. And she started at the beginning.
The feather on the ballsack. He gritted his teeth. Apparently this was an edging session. He remembered agreeing to that now. Just hadn’t been ready for it to be today.
Ugh! This was going to be a long night!

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