Tod Heirat

Tod Heirat (a story)

Well it’s not like their marriage was ever meant to be of love or passion. So when they fought or just couldn’t find any common interests, it wasn’t a surprise. But the hate and resentment that grew was. Was it frustration at being together against their wishes? But it was what they had agreed to live with. So they had noone to blame but themselves. Well they were the only ones who were people anyway. The rest were institutions. How do you lash out at an institution? You can’t. So you lash out at the people within.
IIf they had been a friend, lover or associate of some kind, their lack of mutual empathy would have led to the dissolution of their relationship. But in a marriage, they had a bond that in their culture went beyond time and duty. So they weren’t allowed to leave.
IIt imprisoned them. And instead of fighting the promises they made or the iinstitution, they fought each other. Till even basic human decency was gone. They tried ignoring each other and going their own way. But decisions needed to be made. For themselves and their household. For their children.
They managed an odd detente. The house fractured into those that looked like father and those that looked like mother. Those that shared attitudes and interests of their parent. It was like two camps in one household. And the kids ran the messages back and forth as needed.
The only place they went beyond this was at church. They knew they had to look normal. But on the way to and fro, they snarled at each other.
So, when was this marriage over? Had it ever begun? Well they did have children. I guess even hate or apathy can be displaced when your bodies lay beside each other in a bed for years. So they rolled over and had sex. Or was it voluntary? Was it duty? Any culture wants children. A next gen to carry it forward. You’d have to wonder what fantasies it would take to carry those moments thru.
The siblings fought, as kids do. But in this house, they fought along the lines of the camps. The kids of father were violent to the kids of mother. and vice versa. They were mean at times and ignored each other at times. They were selfish about their resources. For no other reason than their parents hated each other. Not because they themselves had any antipathy toward each other.
Well not at first.
But how long do you keep using a sibling as a punching bag, before they start feeling hurt by it? Or afraid of you? Then what else can they do but get angry, or feel worthless when their own siblings hate them? Their one parent hates them because they have sided with the other? Because they look like the other.
That was the baseline of the house… Armed camps.
All alcohol and drugs did was add fuel to the fire. But as you know if you cook, there can be a hell of a flash back when you do that. The fire can cook, it can purify, but it can also burn good things. And leave nothing but a charred remains. And ghosts. Or demons.
And that is what happened in this house.
There was no hope, no kindness, no humanity between the camps. Just an abiding hatred that flared when they were too close to each other. Or when they were high.
Till one night…
Hell came to earth. Hell came to that house.
The torture tools hell used were a gun, the anger, the drugs of a child who had had enough of living like this.
The child shot themself. And the parent left grieving for their loved child turned the gun on the other parent. And then on that parent’s favoured children.
It was a moment of insanity in an insane situation. Something they had previously had no thought of doing.
They were good people, who had an untenable circumstance. They weren’t murderers. They didn’t even consider murder as an option. They were used to the warring camps of the house and figured that was their life. Everyone had struggles and family dramas. So they believed they had nothing unusual. Just life. Duty. And the love of their half of the family.
Till they didn’t.
The parent was taken off to jail. They saw a psychiatrist. They were sane. Had been before, were afterwards. But they had had a break. And in that moment of rage, lost all sense of reality and morality. And killed thei spouse and some of their kids.
And now they would have to live with it the rest of their life. In jail? Is that what they deserve?
According to forensic psychiatrists, anyone can commit such horror. Given the perfect storm. And in just a few moments, their life as they know it is over. Hell came to earth. And to this house. And burned it to the ground.

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