unicorn stories

unicorn stories –

Mock ASL Ads

  • (NB – this is NOT an ad where I expect offers to fulfill it. Do NOT PM me or comment saying you want to be my unicorn! It will get you blocked!!)

. . . . 1

Looking for a unicorn for my dom and I.
We’re a fun older couple looking to have a 3-some and he wants to watch me have sex with my baby sister. You could be her. If you want to belong to my master, please PM me. You must be 20-30 yrs old, fit, pretty and obedient. Any infraction of his rules will get you caged and whipped. We must both find you hot and get along with you. It’d help if we had common fantasies too. After his training, he will collar you. He must be your only penis. EVAH!!

. . . . . 2

Looking for a unicorn for my male co-dom and I
The baby boi must bow to both my lord and his lady. Boi must be strong, willing and fit. 20-30 yrs old and obedient. An infraction will get boi beaten and removed from our presence. Boi will be expected to submit in service and sexuality to us both. Boi will be busy.

. . . . 3

Looking for someone who will love us and meet our needs. Who will enjoy our fetishes and protect us when we go to local events. Who will accept our leadership. Must be cute, fit, young and ready to party. Keep up with us and you can stay till the sun goes down on our crush. NRE is a thing and we want lots of that feeling. Must look passable as either gender. 20-30 yrds old. Preferably the young end.

mock joint profile


pix wall

porn pix of jewelled butt plugs, whips, bruised butts, tied breasts, wax play, nipple clips, urine and cum shots on face

Videos wall

porn pix of anal sex and blow jobs


exhibitionists and subbies, mostly female, occ TVs

groups joined

anal sex, blow jobs, exhibitionists, daddy/LG, sadist/maso, humiliation, 50 Shades lifestyle, 1950s household, bukkake, male supremacy, fuck or pass

about me…

Daddy and I are looking for another sister for me. He is a stern, but loving man who likes to cuddle, beat and hurt his baby girls. WE LOVE OUR DADDY! He’s the bestest evah!!


1. Come be my subbie. I gots a yuge cock waiting just for you and you better do as ur told ors I gonna punish you ya hor, slut, bich, cnt no ur place!
2. Biches dont no nuttin and dont cum here tellin me how to live wid my girls! Just feck off! K??
3. I luv my grls! ______ is the best! (flavour of the week name inserted)
4. _______ be cray cray. She’s tellin lies! Dont listen to her!
5. Why you dudes wanna be friends with me on a sex sight?? Fuck off! I dont go that way!!


fuck or pass, loving boobs and bruised butts, making lewd comments, offering to show subbies what a real man is, and telling feminists and dommes they need to get fucked more so they know their place.


changing subbies like underwear

mock PMs

mass/ cold letters that go out from this profile en masse

  • “the lure” – slave makes the pitch

My master and I saw your cute face and decided to write you. hoping to become friends and maybe more, since you live so close to us. We’re looking for a unicorn for us. Master and I would both be having sex with you. We both find you hot! If you are open to that, please message us at unicornseekers@mywayorthehighway.com

  • “the sad sack” – pls I need ur help, me and/or my gf needs….

I’ve been going thru a major depression and have been diagnosed with bipolar with rages. Don’t worry, I take my meds religiously, till the next time I go off them cuzz I think I can do it on my own again.
And my GF has chronic pain, so she can’t look after me like she did at first. Not sure if she was just faking good till she moved in or what?
We want a house and sex slave and that could be you! Please reply at cumworkhardforme@mywayorthehighway.com

  • ” the “erotic” invite – that somehow goes wrong”

I want to dump all my loads on you and use you like a tissue. You have to be my cumslut and toilet. There’s no other way to treat a woman IMO. If you think this is gross or wrong, then step away from being a sub or slave.
I’ll whip or beat you everytime you get sassy. CUZZ I’M THE DOMINATOR! I’M THE MASTER and you are a USELESS PIECE OF SHIT! A SLUT! GET USED TO IT! BOW TO ME OR YOU WILL PAY!! YOU WILL BLEED FOR ME!!!!! THAT IS YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD! If you’re interested write me at knowyourplaceeroticawriter@mywayorthehighway.com

  • “the white knight”

I saw your dominate is really bad MEANIE to you. I think you should come and live with me and my girl. I know how to treat a woman right, after she is broken. You’re too sexy to be his, when you should be ours. I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT A DOMINATE SHOULD BE! Message me at sweetandtwuedominate@mywayorthehighway.com

  • “rando PM or pix comment”

You’re pictures make me so hot! I’ve been pulling my pud over them and had to tell you. I want to fuck all your holes and beat you. TILL YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT BUT ME! YOU”LL SEE ONLY ME OUT OF YOUR BLACK, SWOLLEN EYES!
YOU AND MY GF WILL BE MY PORN! You can turn me on then both of you will get FUCKED TILL YOU KNOW WHAT A MAN IS! Mssg me at YOUR_TRUE_DOMINATE!!@mywayorthehighway.com

. . . .

  • “follow up” – when there’s no response


 the reality and the fantasy

  • the reality –

He saw a woman he wanted and went up to chat her up. She wasn’t drunk enough yet, so she said no. He went home and masturbated to his fave porn till his mom called him for supper.

  • the fantasy –

He walked into the bedroom where his fantasy women were naked and making out on the bed. It got him really really hot. So he joined in. Instead of them sucking each other, they both gave him a tongue bath. Then having spanked their bums for teasing him, he fucked each of their holes till finally he was too tired to go on. So they rode him for one more round. Then they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was so good, they agreed to become a triad till the NRE wore off.

The girls couldn’t get enough of him. And he of course never had any problems with getting a hard on. They were good together, till a hotter woman came along, who of course wanted him. He was such a stud! How could any woman resist him??

  • the reality –

He was walkng his mom’s stupid little lap dog at the local park, really mad that he’d been asked to do this. When he saw a female jogger pause at a bench. One of her laces had come loose, so she was fixing that.

He offered to help her get good exercise. She looked him up and down and said he wasn’t her type. He called her a few names and chased her down the path till he ran out of air. She turned around and flipped him the bird while he stood there panting. He went home and beat off to a snuff film. After kicking the dog.

  • the fantasy –

He met her at the local dungeon. He was a big name there and she begged him to whip her on the cross. He said only if he could fuck her asshole and piss on her when he was done. She was eager to say yes. So he tied her up and let his friends have their turns at her. He wasn’t much interested in someone so willing. He wanted some chase.

  • the reality –

He’d been datng this girl for a few months. And she just wouldn’t put out. So finally he broke up with her and went drinking with friends. They sat around bad-mouthing women till the waitress gave them the stink eye. But they just laughed.

One of the drunk women came too close and they were laughing as she went from lap to lap and were ready to take her outside, till a bouncer caught on and got her a cab home. He and his friends were kicked out. So they went back to his place and drunk dialed his new ex. Calling her a tease. Making her cry. He left his friends passed out on the floor and went into the bathroom to pull one off. Before he passed out with his head on the befouled bath mat and a foot in the dirty toilet.

  • the fantasy –

He had a porn doll who did everything he wanted sexually. The perfect subbie. She spent the day naked, waiting for him to come home. There was a meal, a drink and a blow job. After dinner, he made her masturbate till he was turned on enough to fuck her ass off. Then he beat her for being a slut. And went to bed.

  • the reality –

He had had a crush on her for years, but she had no idea he existed. He had found a way to see into her bedroom and took pictures of her when she was changing clothes. He’d even caught her touching herself and one time having sex with her BF.

All was ok, till one day his mom saw the pix when she came in to get his laundry. She screamed and cried. And ended up dragging him by his ear over to his crush’s house and showing her the pix. Well on the upside, she knew who he was now. So did the local court, where she got the restraining order.

  • the fantasy –

He accidentally ran into a movie star fave of his. After asking for and getting an autograph, she told him he was cute and she wanted him to fuck her. They went to an hotel and he rocked her world over the weekend.

He saw an interview where she actually gave him a shout out, by name. His local street cred went up. He was “the man”, “the cock of the walk”.


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