tiers of consent – implied and informed consent

Tiers of Consent – Implied and Informed Consent

on implied consent
is there such a thing as implied consent? I’m thinking nope.
Being in a relationship, or having purchased sexual activity in no way says the union must always provide sex.
1000 nights of having had sex with this person doesn’t mean they will again tonight.
Being in a place where sexuality is provided, doesn’t mean that person will be your partner.
Being in the middle of an orgy doesn’t imply that you can jump on top of someone.
Being a spouse doesn’t imply that you are owed sex. Real life and moods happen folks.
Being a sex worker doesn’t imply they will have sex with you.
Being nude doesn’t imply sexual freedom.
Flirting and affection do not imply sex.

. . . .

on informed consent
“I want to have sex with you…”
“What do you mean by that?”

they know the truth of what you have agreed to.
they assume they are with a partner who is available to have sex with them (single, open relationship, poly)
They assume the person is alert. aware and capable of giving consent (sober, sane/oriented x 3 -time, place, event)
They assume the person desires to have sex rather than just people pleasing. Or avoiding negative consequences
They know which sex act they are engaging in.
They assume it is healthy and safe to have sex with this person and/or take precautions. (ie STDs)
They assume it is a sex act, unless fertility planning is opted in

. . . .

Have had the kink act explained to them and understood it
have viewed and understood the kink act
have previously participated in it
have previously played with you doing that act.
have negotiated and developed the script for the activity with you.


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