Dommie and Stable Stories

Dommie and the Pool Party

Her stable had been really well behaved recently, so she decided it was time for a treat. She called a few friends of hers with similar age dynamics and invited them over for a pool party at her place.
She did the shopping when her crew were out of range, so they didn’t know. And everything but food was stored in the pool shed, so noone knew till the day.
But a few got the idea that something was up, since she was smiling and humming more than usual. They didn’t know what she had on her brain though.
When the day arrived, she had middle be her sous chef. He chopped the veg and made the sauces and merinades by following the recipes.
Dommie made some cookie dough and had baby boy shape it. She noticed he licked his fingers a lot and was glad she had to bake this recipe. Kids will be kids though.
She had ruff clean the pool and wipe down the chairs so they’d be ready.
And she had middle give baby boy a bath and get himself clean and ready for company. Baby boy wasn’t that thrilled with the bath, but he liked that middle was giving it. They often played silly games when they were alone together. She could hear them giggling from the kitchen and she smiled.
When the company started arriving, the place was ready, the food was in progress and the boys were clean. She was ready to play hostess. Young man and tycoon came home to find everyone out at the pool. She could see they were pleasantly surprised to see friends over.
The littles stayed in the shallow end, playing ball and tag. The middles and ruffs practiced their diving. The young men laid around getting tans and keeping an eye on the kids on the pool. She had made them her life guards for the day.
The ladies and any tycoons they had came into the house for a salon. They talked about dynamic issues, listening to each other and giving advice. They practiced some knots and had an informal munch. Just the adults.
Then when they were pretty sure the kids had settled down a bit, they went out to swim and work on their tans as well.
Then Dommie had the food served by the young men, in cute little aprons, over their swimming trunks. They got a few pats on the bum as their tips. And were blushing and giggling at the attention.
Everyone was having fun. After the meal, the baby boys were laid down for a nap and the middles were sent off to read or watch telly. The young men were sent out front to shoot hoops and the adults snoozed and had a few drinks by the pool.
After one more swim time, everyone went home, happy.
It was a good day. Dommie was happy with the behaviour of her stable and made sure to give each of them a hug and thank them. It solved a lot of household issues when they knew she treated them well and let them have fun as they were. It was important to Dommie to have a peaceful home

Dommie and the Library Trip

The library was a thing that they could all do together, sort of. There was the kids’ area for baby boy. He picked up a couple loan toys and some picture books. Middle and young man liked the pop novels section and the music bios. She often found them with their heads together. Ruff enjoyed music too, but classic rock. So yes, same area of the library, but not the same shelves. And ruff preferred CDs or DVDs sooner than books. Tycoon agreed with ruff about that much, but could be found in the classics section. He preferred operettas and light classical or classical pop to listen too.
Dommie asked ruff and tycoon to pick something out for her and watched the younger ones. She ooed and ahhed over baby boy’s finds and vetted the picks of young man and middle. Just to be sure they weren’t too subversive, violent or sexual in content.
Then when they all had their picks, they went to the check out together and she let them proudly put their choices on their own library card. And smiled, when she saw that ruff and tycoon had made the right choices for her.
Next they went to the burger place across the street from the library and had a treat meal, since they had all behaved. Middle and baby boy shared a milk shake, a container of fries and each had a sleeve of nuggets. Young man usually just wanted juice and a burger. Ruff had two burgers, but took the bread off one. He was often carb lite when they went out. Tycoon and Dommie had a salad and tycoon had a fish sandwich while Dommie had a chicken filet sandwich. If baby boy and middle behaved, they got an apple pie for dessert.
The group returned home, quite happy with their day and Dommie said she was proud of their behaviour. So they got a rest hour where they could go to their rooms and read or listen to their choices.
And Dommie and tycoon had a chat about adult stuff. He often commented that he felt like they were his kids too. They laughed. Because whatever else was true, tycoon could walk away free and clear. Dommie could not. They were hers, and hers alone. When push came to shove. But she actually liked that. A lot. She was proud of her stable. They were all a good fit, a good dynamic.

Dommie Was Working from Home

Dommie found it was easier to incorporate the stable, rather than asking them to be quiet. Besides … free labour, right?
She asked her baby boy to sort the paper work by colour folders. He liked doing things by colour. You should see his blocks! Weird kid, but oh well. So she showed him the title to look for and gave him a blue folder. Then set him on the task of putting all those titles into the blue folder. Then colour by colour, he shifted her paper work into the right files. All she had to do then was flip thru them quickly to check his work. Perfect!
While they worked, they sang his new fave song . Over and over 😛
Her middle was learning computer skills, so she had him design a logo for each file. He did such a good job! They listened to a new wave radio station and sang along to the choruses. She noticed that he had a really nice voice. So it was a pleasure to listen to him. She made a note to buy him a karaoke. The others might have fun, but it would tap into his talents.
Her young man and she sat and brain stormed about the youth market and he gave her great ideas about what he and his friends were into and how it could be used to gain their business. She also made a list of them, so she knew what to get when he needed a gift.
Her ruff liked to carry and build stuff, so she had him make her a shelf and a case to store the folders. He was the house rocker. So they listened to a classic rock station and she told him stories about concerts she had been to.
And her tycoon was happy to be asked about sourcing funds for a major project down the road a bit. They listened to the Phantom of the Opera while they brainstormed.
Dommie liked sharing her work load and time with them. It made her work a bit lighter and they enjoyed what she asked them to do, genuinely. So there was no acting up and no resistance. Besides them being good at what she asked as well. No fuss that they weren’t getting her attention. Which might explain why they rarely acted up.
It worked well to have a stable, when it came to chores like this. Division of labour and resources was awesome. She was all for the cottage industry, when it came to her household.
At the end of the work day, her tycoon was happy to put together a family meal for them all. Young man was tycoon’s sous chef. And she got a foot rub from her ruff. His need for tactile activity far outweighed the others, So foot rubs really helped them both out. Middle and baby boy played a game of checkers.
Then middle and Dommie had a blast giving baby boy a tubbie. There was water everywhere and on everyone. They were never sure who actually got the bath.
Then they tucked him in, after ruff carried him to bed, like he was a plane. They left him there with a flash light and his fave picture book.
After saying goodnight to the others, Dommie went to her room and prepared for bed. It had been a long day.

Dommie Went Shopping…

She had managed to talk all her stable into waiting till the sales were on to have their xmas gathering. She had their scrubby little wish lists and was trying to remember who was most obedient and who deserved a treat.
First there was her baby boy. He liked dump trucks and fire engines. She often heard “vroom vroom” around the house when he was left to his own devices.
Then there was her middle. He liked sports, so he wanted a jersey of his fave team and an xbox game he could play with his friends.
And her young man wanted some cologne and a nice dress shirt. He liked looking spiffy.
Her tycoon wanted a book by the latest business guru.
And her ruff guy wanted a case of beer or a bottle of hooch.
By the time she got all these things, she was sick to death of the mall and feeling like punching the next person who said a holiday greeting to her. And Santa was going to get some unsolicited CBT if he came near her.
She managed to make it to her car without being arrested for assault, but just barely.
When a young guy asked if he could help her load her bags. She looked him up and down, then said, “Sure!”
She handed them to him and he started to run off. She tackled him from behind and brought him to the ground a bit too easily. He was shaking so she didn’t punch him. Just asked him what he thought he was doing.
He started to tear up and tell a tale of woe. About a daddy who had run off, a momma who was sick and young ones who hadn’t seen xmas in years.
She wasn’t sure she believed him, so she offered to drive him home. So she could see for herself.
When she got into his house, she saw that he was telling the truth.
So she took him back to the mall for a dinner and all it’s fixings, a few toys for the kids. And offered him a job at her small business as a clerk.
By the time she finally returned home, she was actually in the xmas spirit. She told the story to her stable. They thought she was just making it up till they met the young man for themselves.
Her baby boy gave him a truck for his little brothers and her middle gave him a game for them to play as well.
Her ruff went and made sure the house was solid and would keep out the cold.
And her tycoon went and bought the house so the mother wouldn’t be kicked out. And found her a good doctor to see what was wrong and fix it for her.
Dommie looked around her and was glad she had gathered these people in her life. When push came to shove, they were decent people.
They all had a heart of gold.


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