was that really the snow queen? (xmas erotica)

Was that Really the Snow Queen?

I went skating with a few friends to spend some time with them over the holidays. It was a crispy day and we were glad we had dressed so warm. (Do people outside snow territory know what I mean by crispy?)
We had sweaters and sweaters underneath the sweaters plus our parkas and long sleeved shirts on. A couple pairs of pants, and some people wore ski pants as well. And thick boots till we got to the park’s skating rink to put on our skates. I had a couple pairs of thick socks on, and I wasn’t the only one. I even had a ski mask on under my toque. Plus the parka hood. And cloth mitts under our fur lined plastic ones. Yeah we were dressed warm.
We started to skate. Joking around and twirling each other and laughing at our pratfalls and play fights. Trying to do fancy moves and some dance steps when they played carols or classical music for the skaters.
Some of the carols were easier than others. Have you ever heard of TSO? They always put me in the right mood for Christmas.
Anyway, having fun.
Our group hadn’t known that there was to be a playlet of Hans Christian Andersen’s work “The Snow Queen”. So when people came onto the ice in costumes of flowers, crows, a boy and girl and a beautiful woman dressed in white, we were a bit surprised. So we found a place to sit down and watch. Sheltered a bit from the wind. Of course Gerda saved Kai. I think even the Snow Queen was happy about it.
Everyone else went back to skating. But I just had to find that gorgeous woman and see if she liked my flirt game.
It seems she did! More than liked it. We found a storage pod and tripped the lock on the door. And moved only what clothes we had to to feel skin a bit and access the right parts to have sex. It took quite a bit of heat from us to stay aroused and actually have sex. Only passion could have done it. Our lips practically froze together. I was wondering if she had metal in her lip gloss, the way they stuck together.
We warmed our hands on each other’s nipples and then wrapped them around each other’s groin. Then shoved our clothes aside and locked together. Pumping so we could create heat from our friction. We could see every single puff of air. And at one point I swear there were icicles in the puffs.
I asked her if she was a magical queen. She laughed and said “Maaaaybeee”. We found the energy and warmth to orgasm and quickly put our clothes to rights. Then cuddled together to get our body temperature back up.
She ran inside to change to street clothes and came skating with us for the rest of the evening.
Then back to my place to see if a warm apt would add to our passion… It did!

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