Folie a Deux (a story)


Folie à deux

Macey and Stacey were sisters, They were raised to wear the same clothes, do their hair the same way, and enjoy the same things, whether or not they did. Yet they were not twins.Their mother put one to bed if the other was sick, When Macey had cancer, Stacey was treated as well. But she didn’t have cancer. Because their mother was a doctor, she could get the stuff needed.
Stacey almost died because Macey was sick. It was a good thing Macey recovered or Stacey would have died for nothing.
Their mother always swore she would treat her kids exactly rhe same. Apparently even it if killed them. Or one of them anyway.
So when they grew up, Stacey and Macey were more under the impression that they were alike, than they actually were. So they continued to live their life exactly the same way. They married twins, planned their pregnancies at the same time. Hired the same nanny to watch both their kids, worked at the same job type, in the same firm… Wore the same clothes, did their hair the same way.
And saw their mother, instead of an outsider doctor.
When Macey’s cancer came back, Stacey was so indoctrinated that even as an adult, she took the treatment as well. And almost died again. If it hadn’t been for her husband, she would have. He took her to the hospital for tests. One where her mother didn’t have privileges. They said other than being horribly full of chemicals that she didn’t need and being lethargic, she was fine. It took months of psychiatric care for Stacey to individuate from her mother and sister and become her own person.
Then she had to start again. Stacey had to become something, someone other than Macey’s twin.
You would think that their mother would be charged, right? Or even put into a program of some sort? Oh no! “She thought she was doing the right thing”.
With Stacey now treated, Macey and their mom went about acting as if Stacey had died of the cancer that Macey had. Stacey no longer existed. They couldn’t wrap their heads around her having individuated.
They had a funeral for her, which everyone else refused to attend. So they wailed and gnashed their teeth, just the two of them. And Stacey spent the day crying in her husband’s arms. Wanting to know if he’d done her any favours. He gently reminded her about their kids and their life together. And told her they would come around in time. But whenever Stacey saw them in town, they walked away from her. Refused to take her calls or answer when she wrote a letter. No amount of time changed things.
Stacey had died. To only Macey and their mom. Nobody could talk them out of it. Macey’s husband left her and got custody of the kids. They remained close to Aunt Stacey. Closer than their mom. Macey blamed their grief for the breakup of her family. Nothing broke the delusion she and her mother shared. Macey and her mother moved into a house together and wailed about the lack of support they got from their family after Stacey’s death.
Till the days they died.
Stacey went to each of their funerals and mourned for them. But finally she could put their delusion behind her. And freely smile.

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