I Met a Size Queen (penis size)

I Met a Size Queen (men’s penis note)

I have had enough lovers to know this to be true:

Gentlemen, your penis is not your best sex tool. Let me tell you what works better than the length or girth of your penis (there’s a list) :

  • your ears – listening to your lover’s fantasies and trigger points of arousal, mental and physical ones
  • your imagination – taking what she tells you and creating a story or role play to go around it. Doing the same old all the time gets boring!!
  • your caring about her safety and pleasure
  • your sense of humour -cuzz stuff happens when two people have sex and knowing where and when to place a giggle can really help a lot.
  • your fingers and mouth and whatever sex tools you have handy work also. It’s not just your penis in other words. So relax!

So if a lover tells you you’re too small, return the favour by suggesting in all sincerity, that they try doing some kegel exercises and stop being an ignorant bitch!

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