searching for ecstasy (a story)

Searching For Ecstasy (a story)

Natasha was a very powerful woman, from a long line of very powerful women. Her mother and grandmother taught her everything they knew after her walk in the land of the dead. Natasha was chosen. She had spirit guides who helped her when people from her area came for help. Most of the time, all they needed was some herbs and prayers and some faith when they had lost theirs. And she was happy to supply those.
Today, she had taken one look at the supplicant’s dead eyes and pallid skin and knew, this would take more than a few prayers. Even with her power in them.
So Natasha went into the bathroom and turned the shower on at it’s hottest setting. And lit candles before she turned out the light.
Natasha sat on the floor and cleared her mind, then started calling out to the spirits she would need. Those who gathered around the gate to the land of the dead and the guides who would help them return. As well as the spirits who would help the woman’s body and mind rejuvenate. She had been clouded by pain, confusion and fatigue for so long.
It was going to take many spirits and much good will among them. So knowing that, Natasha played her small drum, and her small finger bells as she chanted and swayed. She sang the old prayers her grandmother had taught her from a young age. And called to the spirits of her ancestors for help.
When Natasha felt ready, she re-entered the livingroom where her visitor was and held her hands. Smiling in peace and comfort. She was ready.
Natasha fed the woman a tincture and began chanting for the spirits’ aid and succor. She sat on the floor in front of her and swayed thru the postures her grandmother and mother had patiently taught her. Till the protectors came forward and guided the woman away from the gate at the land of the dead. When she could see an improvement, Natasha lit the brazier and drew sigils on the woman’s arms and legs. Then moved her hands over her till she was called to a specific spot. She placed a poultice there and fed the woman a tea with the same foul herbs that were in the poultice.
Natasha sat down again and held the woman’s hands. Hands that were getting stronger and stronger thru each prayer, song and chant. Natasha smiled at her in reassurance when the guides for the journey came forward and drew the soul back to the land of the living. They reattached the soul chord and bound body and soul together again,
Then the spirits who rejuvenated souls came forward to do their work. They lifted the woman’s spirits to fight and hope again. They soothed the dark spirits of shame and fear and calmed her soul so it would be willing to endure. And the woman now looked like she had never been sick. Her eyes were much brighter and alive.
Natasha gave the woman some herbs and lit more candles around them both. She guided her supplicant in prayers of thanksgiving and praise. They sat meditating in this fresh and happy state for a few moments. Then they hugged.
With a few follow up sessions of prayers and herbs, there was no reason why the woman could not make a full recovery.
With each such healing, even though Natasha never sought praise, her reputation for excellence grew.

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