the weirdest dilemma (a story)

The Weirdest Dilemma ( a story)

Margaretta went to the hospital emergency dept, carrying her baby girl in her arms. She had a meeting with the triage nurse at the end of what had been a very hectic day for the nurse.
Well, it hadn’t been a great day for Margaretta either.She had been hearing voices telling her someone was watching her and they were coming to get her all week. She’d barely gotten an hour of sleep all week.
The nurse was exhausted and reassured Margaretta that she was safe. Then made the craziest statement Margaretta had ever heard… The nurse said that people who walked in and asked for help rarely ever needed it. Margaretta’s jaw dropped. The nurse handed her a piece of paper with the book title by Joseph Heller on it. “Catch 22”. She sent Margaretta home to read it. And told her to call her family doctor on Monday morning. And the nurse was happy to call CAS for her and have relief come in and take the baby till she could get some sleep.
So Margaretta went home and downloaded a copy of the book and read it… She waited patiently till Monday morning and called her FD’s office. The nurse listened and said that the doctor was the only fulltime physician in the clinic and his priority was hospital rounds. So if it wasn’t an emergency, then the next scheduled appt would be three months down the road. Or she could come in and talk to a nurse… The nurse agreed with the ER nurse that if she came in and asked for help, she probably didn’t need it. She seemed coherent enough after all.
Margaretta called her mother and sister to cry on their shoulders. Her mom got angry and told her to stop complaining. She said mothers everywhere had to cope and she didn’t see why her daughter should be the exception to the rule. So she should suck it up and get back to her schedule.
Her sister started to cry and told Margaretta that she needed sleep too and had so many men and work problems, she felt overwhelmed most days too. She didn’t see why Margaretta got to complain when she had a beautiful baby who loved and needed her. But if she insisted, auntie would come over and she could have a nap for an hour. Sis got there and instead spent the allotted hour talking about her own issues. Margaretta got no sleep. And sis left.
The baby started teething, and there went the few minutes Margaretta had been able to get in the past week.
So she went to the ER again and found the same damn nurse. Margaretta told her she had read the book. Which she had. But she still thought she needed help and couldn’t get an appt with her doctor’s office. The nurse then suggested a counselling center.
On Monday morning, Margaretta called the center. They asked her about money. Well Margaretta was a single mom on welfare. They did do scale bookings, but it would take Margaretta all she had to get to the appt. Nvm paying the fee. She was advised to call her welfare worker and see about funding. So she did. Her worker said that if she could get a doctor’s note, they’d be happy to see about the money. Margaretta said she couldn’t get into the doctor. The worker said to let them know if that changed. Margaretta sighed.
Margaretta booked the appt at the doctor’s office for three months away. To get the note. To get the funding. To get the couselling. To get the help started that the nurses were saying she didn’t need if she was asking for it…
Margaretta just knew it wasn’t a good thing to be sleep deprived for three months with a young child. I do mean zero sleep, you get that right?
So she called her mom and was told that she shouldn’t have kept the child if she couldn’t cope on her own. Her sis cried again and complained about welfare bitches getting all the perks. Why should her sis help if she had to work and pay taxes for Margaretta, plus babysit so Margaretta could nap? She screamed at Margaretta so Margaretta hung up on sis.
Margaretta knew that hearing voices saying they were watching her and coming to get her was a bad thing. Getting no sleep for months on end was a bad thing. And getting no help was the worst thing of all. But she had asked. And asked. And asked…

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