men can say #me too# in my world

and here is why:

[CJI – Community Justice Initiatives][]
[JHS – John Howard Society][]
[Salvation Army – Booth Center][]
[Youth in Conflict with the Law][]
[Children’s Aid – CAS][]
## . . . .
In my past incarnations IRL, I have come in contact with these groups. Groups that deal with survivors of abuse and gross neglect.
You might expect me to be talking about abuse of women and girls, by men, but today I’m not.
These groups deal with transitional (changes in life) men, homeless men, men on reserves and incarcerated men. Men who were abused as children and by the system that was supposed to protect them. But failed to. And now all we can do is play catch up and listen to their stories. And believe them.
It’s not just one man saying he was hurt. It’s many and they need to be heard as well IMO.
There are predators in every walk of life, in every shape size and gender. They abuse their power over people who are vulnerable and seem to be ones few will believe. The abuse takes the form of violence of action and words. It can take the form of sexual and gender/identity attacks.
Sex can be and is a **tool** used by predators and abusers, but it’s not the clear motive. Which is why castration has been deamed ineffective. They will simply find another means.
In every home where an addict is a parent, abuse and neglect occur. The only question is, to what degree. That is the most common issue when people are harmed.
Men are also in same sex relationships. Men are becoming women (transgender) and are very much at risk, They die every day.
Men are fathers who risk themselves to stay with their kids, in a system that doesn’t believe it when they say their wife is the abuser.
So yes, men have been harmed and sexually abused. Molested, raped, and assaulted. As children and adults. And it’s systemic as well as individual. We know this. The groups above know this. They see it every day.
So open your eyes. It’s real. So men can say with full integrity #me too! Let’s hear them and believe them now.

Growing up in a world where femiinism was about protecting the abused and disenfranchised, I hear **people** when they say they have been abused and IMO so should you.


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