I Made a Wish (a Story)

I Made a Wish (a story)

I wanted my life to change. It was seriously going south. So i grabbed an old light and rubbed it till it was clean. A voice asked me just what it was I wanted. I said I want someone dead, he said ask a demon. I said I wanted someone to be my love. He said call a witch for a love potion. I said I wanted a dead lover in my arms again. He said. go visit hell and see if they’d come back to this life again. Be a hero.
I sat, I thought…
I asked how many wishes I would get? He said three, if I asked for what I wanted. And was willing to follow the rules of wishing.
I said the first wish will be for you, but it must be my last one said. Ok…
He said light a candle.
So I did.
I said the next wish is for the world, since I’m no longer sure I can be selfish. He said that that was too large, even for a spirit if his stature.
I thought again.
I asked for my village and family to be prosperous. There was a puff and the candle light went out. He told me to light it again.
So I did.
I asked for good health for me and my family. There was a puff and the candle light went out. He told me to light it again.
And the last one? The one you said was mine?
I said this wish sets you free, if you have honestly given me mine. There was a puff and the candle light went out.
Before me stood a very handsome man. We were at the edge of my village. They were holding a feast at the end of a prosperous season. My family came running to greet me and all were well and happy to see me.
The man bowed and handed me a flower. I smelled the desert rose and smiled at him. He bowed and disappeared.
I realized my wishes that I had begun with had been wasted. I was glad I had changed my mind.
But then I woke up… I was angry, and alone still. And the jinn was gone. It seems the catch of a wish is, there’s no such thing as a wish at all.

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