Dressed in White (a story)

Whenever she went to a new gathering, she tried to reflect her power and path in even the things she wore to it.
So she wore a white linen caftan with flowers embroidered on the hem. And a thread of gold like a road leading from the hem to the head. With little copses of flowers and trees at points. There was a sun or moon on each point. And stars thru the material in a silver thread.
Small little things that made people have to come close and interact with her to see what the design was. It had nearly blinded her to embroider them all into her dress. But it was done and she was careful about what got on her or near her when she wore it. She made sure that those who were drawn to her were welcomed with a smile of calm and friendliness.
She wore a necklace of small [jade][https://www.thoughtco.com/top-healing-gemstones-1729395] crystals and meditated over them and their meaning before she left.
It didn’t hurt any that the stones made her green eyes pop at all. But they meant more because the necklace had been given to her by a loving friend.
She brushed out her brown hair and applied a spray of lavender essence to collect a calming energy around herself as she went forward.
As she went to her car, she chanted a prayer of love and calm so she had the right attitude for the gathering.
On the way, she stopped off to collect a friend who needed a lift and some support tonight. She was not the only one going to a new gathering for her. They had hoped to feed off each other’s positivity and have more fun there. At least they would have each other while they met new people.
Her friend had worn a multi-coloured joyous skirt with a white blouse. Good, they were both heading in the same direction. They usually did.
Walking up onto the porch, the women said a blessing to the house, the gathering and the host of the evening. Then they rang the doorbell.
The door opened and there stood the hostess. With a huge smile. She complimented the ladies on their outfits, handed them a glass of apple juice and a napkin for the cookies’ table they’d find as they entered the house. There were a lot of no flour, peanut and sugar free versions of sweetness. So they gathered a few and entered the living area where the other women were.
They waited till everyone arrived, then began the chants and rituals they had come to take part in.
And revelled in the energy, the power of the people gathered there. It showed quickly that the night’s work would be a very good thing.


## . . . . influences
Western magic influences are mostly: white magic, nature path, transmutation, chaos magic, sex magic, psychological/humanism
most of the base is Judao-Christian.

[western magic][http://www.rendingtheveil.com/study-magic-hermeticism-gnosticism-spinoffs-neoplatonism/]
[Goetia – black and Theurgy – white][https://heterodoxology.com/2010/03/25/goetia-and-theurgy-magic-black-and-white/]

[Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn][https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermetic_Order_of_the_Golden_Dawn]

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[Temple of Set][http://www.encyclopedia.com/philosophy-and-religion/other-religious-beliefs-and-general-terms/miscellaneous-religion/temple-set]


## . . . . Gnostics
[Simon Magus][https://www.britannica.com/biography/Simon-Magus]
## . . . . Alchemists
[Mary the Jewess][https://www.thoughtco.com/mary-the-jewess-biography-3530346]
[Cleopatra the Alchemist][http://www.ancient-origins.net/history-famous-people/forgotten-cleopatra-searching-cleopatra-alchemist-and-her-golden-secret-007585]
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[Sir Isaac Newton][http://discovermagazine.com/2010/jul-aug/05-isaac-newton-worlds-most-famous-alchemist]
## . . . . Socratic and Neo-Platonic Thought
## . . . . Hermetic
[Hermes Trismegistus][https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermes_Trismegistus]
## . . . . Kabbalah
[Jewish Mysticism][http://www.jewfaq.org/kabbalah.htm]

with love (a story)

With Love (a story)

I stand here remembering all the little things that could have been. All the time we put in and wishing. Wishing pigs could fly, magic was more than just a belief. Yeah sure it’s the big things like another year, an anniversary or birthday. But it’s morning coffee and a glass of wine at the end of the day. It’s getting ready for work or a party. All the little touches and dancing around the room in celebration. And though it’s crap at the time, I wanna hear you scream and cry when we’re fighting about stupid stuff. or the big ones like how many kids we want or what we’ll do for money when I lost my job.
All the times we fought and I thought for sure we were breaking up, but somehow we muddled thru. We weren’t about peace, we were all passion. And passion won thru.
So many times I thought you’d walk away and there’d be nothing but sadness left for me.
Till the day I stood before your stone and realized, you’d given me everything. Till the last breath you gave it all to me.
I almost chased you to the afterlife. Begging you to come back to me.
Not really sure I could make it alone.
But I did.

Well you taught me love so deep, I had to try again. Take the lessons you gave and the stronger heart and just try again. I was sure I had your blessing.

When she came into my life, she was calm to your whirlwind. She was quiet to your bliss. And light to your dark. But again it was the little things. The tea in the afternoon, a walk at the end of the day, with a puppy chasing our heels. Watching her take a bath and helping her dry. Nothing like you, but the depth of love so much the same.
I just knew I had to find love again. In memory of you. Or lose the heart you had given me. And I knew I couldn’t do that to you.
All I asked of life and love was not to be the one standing at the stone, or the door, when the time came. This time, let it be me.

feminism : different hills to climb

feminism : different hills to climb

It’s really easy to get arrogant if the only kind of feminism you know of or view is the one in the western part of the world.
It’s easy to consider your abilities to get ahead as the water mark of what all women should be able to do.
But not all women are created equal. Not that they’re a “weak sister”, but that they have different experiences that might actually mean they have a harder go than you do. So if anyone is weak, it just might be you.
If you live in a land where all your hopes for life are to be the toy of your father, your husband and your oldest son. A wife, a daughter and a mother. Where your day is about passing unnoticed, to avoid blows from those men in your life. Barely able to read and write because you aren’t allowed to remain in school. If you can go at all. Where you are a slave to your family and religion.
Or even supposing you are in the west, you might be in a rural part of the country you live in or an urban area that doesn’t get the resources equally to others. If you’re poor, or from another country and have immigrated here. Then you’re lucky to graduate high school. Your “career” is more likely to be at a fast food joint or a dept store like Walmart. Or your parents’ little operation. A store, a restaurant, a dry cleaner. Or selling drugs.
IF you survive to adulthood.
So yeah, feminsim has made life pretty cool for you. Awesome! Thx to your grandma, aunt, and mom. Thx to the suffragettes who got you a vote, body autonomy, a chance to finish school.
But your sisters, they’re not there yet.
In some parts of the world, they still get their genitals mutilated, their male relatives can still beat, rape and kill them, they still today have to marry their rapist or face shame. Possibly be stoned to death for refusing your family’s direction.
Does that sound like feminsim is done yet? Or you’re all that and a bag of chips cuzz you tell those behind you that if you can do it, anyone can?
Not to me it doesn’t.

a deal with the devil (a story)

A Deal with the Devil (a story)

Maybe you wouldn’t see my life as that bad. But I did. Yes I have a job, a kid, an SO and a roof over my head. Stability. Security. Monotony 😦
I wanted so much more.
So I looked for a way to get it. Either it would take me years, or unlimited money that I didn’t have.
I went to my coven and asked about a Faustian contract. There was only one who would even discuss it with me. She had friends outside the coven who dabbled in the dark arts. So she took me to their next meeting.
We talked about how you raise a demon, how you chain it to your service and how you protect yourself. Because the one thing you could count on for sure was; that there was always a catch. Besides the whole thing about your soul being theirs, of course.
One of the women seemed to know the most, so I went with her for some training before I began to cast the spells.
You know the usual… pentagram, salt line, making the right potions and writing the spell so there were no loop holes for the devil to slip thru.
I was not looking to be oppressed by the devil who was supposed to be serving me. It was hard enough dealing with human men who thought they could control me. I don’t deal well with that shit!
So we practiced. We brought forward some minor spirits before the big night.
The group gathered more women around before we began.
The demon came forward and asked me what I wanted…power, wealth or wisdom. I figured with wisdom, I could get the other two. So that’s what I asked for.
There was a flash. (What a show off, huh?)
The outer edge of the circle of women got darker. All we could see was ourselves and the demon.
A couple women started chanting a protection spell and added their crystals to a line, just inside the salt. Adding more wards to those already in place.
But it was still like there was nothing but us. Like we had slipped thru a veil somehow.
The devil and I reached our agreement on what wisdom meant. And by whose authority I would reach that wisdom or be tested for it. Would it be the places of higher education, like colleges or universities? Or would it be churches or temples, something in religion?
I went with higher education. I figured even religious leaders would respect a well learned person, but it would be unlikely that the reverse would be true. There was another flash.
The devil was starting to pay attention to me. I guess he thought my choices were sound.
He asked if there was a field or subject that I wanted to be wise in. I thought for a moment, then said biology. It left me more open than most other fields and was well respected by many fields. The third flash. And the darkness began to break thru the circle of women. They clasped hands and all chanted and asked for their guides to protect us all. I could see wisps of something outside the circle. But it was hard to tell what they were made of. Maybe spirits? I hoped they were on our side, if they were there.
He asked if there was anything else I wished for. I said no.
He chanted some words in demon language and there was another flash.
Then only he and I were visible to me.
The circle I could see grew larger and I realized I was in an unfamiliar place. I asked where I was. He said about 10 miles from where we had begun. I asked why. He said it was because it was easier to access the aether. Ok maybe.
I asked if he was satisfied with our deal. He said yes and asked if I was. I said as far as I could see. It was a very good thing I said that, but it was a phrase that was common to my area.
He took his bows.
I figured I could walk the 10 miles. The weather was temperate. So I noted the north star and began walking… Walking and walking.
Over 10 miles later, I called to the demon and asked where I was. He said I was at the corner of where I used to live. My jaw dropped. There were no bldgs at all! I asked what was wrong.
He said that I hadn’t asked the time. The era. Ok then smart ass… when is this? He grinned. I shook. He had found a loop hole. I was in the century before Christ. I was full of wisdom about biology, but in an era no woman would be seen as anything but an elder or witch. Not a scholar. And I’d be paid in chickens or goats, not in thousands of dollars. Son.of.a.bitch!!
And he disappeared again. Refusing to answer my call.
So I said the words that undid the spell. The ones I had practiced so often. Because you cannot trust a demon, right?
I found myself under the shade of my bldg. I went inside and called the coven. They were really glad to hear from me. After the story was told, we decided that if this ever was done again, we’d be calling for another demon.
I went to bed and had nightmares about being modern day wise, in the time before Christ. I didn’t sleep long at all.

the stable’s sexcapades (erotica)

The Stable’s Sexcapades : Party Night

I had invited a few friends over, with their bois, for a fun evening of booze and food. And some sex hijinks as well. We had all played before, so the dommes agreed hooch was tolerable. Esp amongst us ladies, as we’d mostly be viewing. But the bois could have a little dutch courage, if they wished. A glass of wine with dinner. Even if they had to lap it out of their doggie bowls, in some cases.

We divided the bois into a few groups:

  • there were a few bois who were incredible dancers.

So they had the fun of putting on a strip show for us. We ladies do love our howling and hooting over dingalings that flop when they dance. We teased them about their pkgs and made them blush. There of course had to be some helicopters flown. A few of the bois had sexy costumes. Cop, cowboy, you know. But there was one who decided to go all Victorian and looked like a proper gent of the era, till he was finished stripping. He earned a nice tip, he did. In his top hat.

  • there were a few bois who were madly oral sluts.

So we paired them up and watched them have their fun. Just teasing though! They weren’t allowed to make each other cum. Most of them were on restrictions.

  • We put a few into an anal daisy chain.

It actually looked sort of like a fan. We went short to tall, just so it looked pretty as they screwed each other. (I know, weird. But aesthetics are important when you want to view as well IMO)

  • We had a flogging area.

Some of the ladies were happy to take up a whip or a flogger. But in some cases, they had another boi provide the brawn so they could watch.

  • there was an area for sex toy teasing

These bois had cages on and found out how many things could get inside to tease them. But the cage didn’t allow them to get erect. And it didn’t stop us from using them anally.

  • there was an area for wax and fire play

For our hardiest of bois. Who would have been bored if they spent the night doing the other things, with no reward. One of the dommes was happy to give a demo on proper procedure, before we got a chance to practice under her supervision.

A few of the toys, dolls and pups were left beside their domme or mistress, to help them out if their panties were getting too wet. It was cute, watching a bunch of tailed boys bobbing their heads under the ladies’ skirts.
A fun time was had by all the ladies and some of the bois even got to blow a load. Though they did get their balls slapped and in one case punched for their troubles.
We happily and groggily ended the night when the ladies were ready for their beds. They gathered their own bois and headed for their houses.
And I gave a few bois the task of hosing the place down (well not quite literally, but close lol ). We planned on gathering together again soon.
A fun night was had by all 😉

domme’s sexcapades (erotica)

Domme’s Sexcapades: On Coming Home…

He greeted me at the door, in full genuflection, with just a thong on. A tray before him with a cup of spice tea on it and some of my fave cookies beside it. Yummy. I sat down in the chair in the front foyer. And while I drank my tea and ate my cookies, nibble by nibble, he removed my high heels and rubbed my oh so sore, so tired feet.
Such a relief to me and a joy to him. He has a thing about feet, besides wanting to service me. That pleasure for us both, for different reasons, made him hard as a rock. So when he was working on the second foot, I rubbed his cock with my relaxed foot. Yeah, that felt good too! His hardon went nicely into the arch of my foot. And frankly, after the day i had, my arch needed a little support.
When my feet were both massaged to the point where he felt the muscles and tendons had all been properly attended to, he helped me to my feet and graciously gave me his arm, so we could go into the dining room.
There on the table was the setting for my fave meal. A light kale salad was on the side plate, a bowl of fruit was sitting between the plates. And in the warmer, I could smell lobster bisque. I was drooling before he had me properly seated.
He waited for me to invite him to share the meal, even though he had prepared it. He never took for granted that he was my dinner guest. I waved him into the seat and he served us both.
Like the perfect gentle man, gentleman, he asked how my day had gone. And during the meal, he sat and listened and made appropriate comments and laughed at the right times. I was relaxing. And that was his plan.
Till dessert.
He pulled the bowl toward himself, took out a tiny fork and fed me the bits of fruit, one by one. Making sure I had lots of reasons to lick my lips. Occasionally reaching over with a napkin to wipe my mouth. I smiled or winked when he did that.
He kissed my hand when the bowl was empty. I crooked my finger to get him to come closer and kissed his lips when he followed my direction.
I went into the bedroom to relax for a few minutes while he cleared the table. Then I heard him drawing a bubble bath. Just what I needed tonight!
I waited for him to come and remove my clothes, so i could enjoy the tubbie.
He had put some soft music on and the candles were lit around the tub. Lavender petals were in the tub, waiting for me.
He helped me get into the tub, then started pouring water over me from a small bucket I kept just for this. He washed my shoulder length hair first, then worked down. Over my chest, across my tummy, to my legs, then sat me up to do my back. He massaged my back at that point.
We were both getting turned on. But he was intent on relaxing my stressed muscles, so I could better enjoy the bath. So he warmed the water and left me to soak for awhile, on my own.
When I was dozing, he came in and finished washing me. My groin and buttocks were tenderly washed and rinsed. Then he helped me stand and dried me in a big, thick towel he had warmed in the oven. So it was toasty.
He picked me up and carried me to my bed. He kissed my cheek.
I pulled him close to me and kissed his lips. Full French-on. I pulled his arm till he was laying beside me. And we were having a serious tongue war.
When I started rubbing his body and pinching it, he took his cue and returned the touches. We were both getting warmed up and ready for sex.
So he kissed me down my body and settled between my legs. And began attending me. He was always so good at oral sex. He would kiss, lick, suck and nibble. And every now and then, he bit me. It brought my nerves to a hyper-aroused state.
So I pulled him around. I wanted his cock in my mouth, while he was giving to me. I licked, sicked and nibbled his balls and cock. Then when he was starting to dribble, I began to tenderly fuck his butthole with a finger, then two. Just barely in at first, then deeper.
I had my first orgasm. Then my second. Then he had one.
He reached into the night stand and brought out an anal dildo and some lube. And prepared himself for me. He continued using his hands and mouth on my genitals, as I gently pushed the dildo into his hole.
As soon as it was in, I asked him for the cock ring. He put it on. I wasn’t sure if he would stand the stim, but he prided himself on doing so, for my pleasure.
And his pride was validated.
He contnued giving me orgasms and suffering the tease of all the stim he endured.
Till I had had enough. I shoved his shoulder away from me and he stopped.
He was starting to shake. So I took the ring and the dildo off him and let him catch his breath.
We kissed and held each other, till he could deal with more sexual contact without blurting.
Then he was encouraged to penetrate my vajay. Stupidly slowly. Aggravatingly slowly. Till I wanted to smack him slowly. By the time he was balls deep, I was coming and after a few balls-deep strokes, so was he. And not just once either. After all that stim and patience, he had a chain of orgasms. So did I. Till he basically fell on top of me. But quickly rolled off, so I wasn’t squashed. And we cuddled till we fell asleep in each others’ arms.
Just yummy! An awesome reason to come home at the end of the day.

remembering a speakeasy (a story)

Remembering a Speakeasy (a story)

She was sitting at her desk, going over the books for her little cafe in the back streets of NYC. Thinking that it was a quiet day and she was happy to have a moment to herself. She was humming Bye Bye Blackbird . She should have known better, but who could resist? Classic jazz just suited the place and her mood.
It must have triggered something in the bldg. Cuzz she heard it. It all unfolded. She had heard people say it was a remnant. Like a record that kept playing over and over. When nothing was there.
The sounds began with footsteps leading up to the door of her office. She stiffened because she knew there was no one in the cafe, but her. The door squeaked open. She froze. Noone was in the frame of the door.
In the background, she heard what sounded like a bunch of people talking, laughing, glassware and silver clinking. And that sure did sound like Miss Baker herself! With an awesome band playing for her back up.
She was used to this happening now, so she didn’t get creeped out or afraid. She’d much rather listen to Miss Baker than her own humming after all. So she went back to her paper work.
And smelled lemonade. Something else too, but she wasn’t 100% sure what it was. Considering the era of the remnant though, probably moonshine. Yummy.
First she smelled rolls being baked, then lobster and hard boiled eggs.
Num, she was getting hungry! She wished what she was smelling right now were real. She’d go grab a canape or a sandwich. Maybe two.
She tensed, waiting for the next sound in the reel. A loud banging on the door, sirens and a tommy gun. In quick succession. A few ladies screamed. A few men shouted and there were a lot of shuffling sounds out in the hallway. Like a crowd had been led out, under arrest.
Then the bldg was quiet again. She breathed a sigh of relief and went back to her work.
She had thought of getting someone in to figure out if these noises could be erased, but they usually only happened when she was alone. So no one but her was being scared. And nothing ever happened but the noises and smells. It was like a spiritual tease.
A pretty mild one, in the grander scheme of things. It wasn’t like she was possessed, assaulted or raped. So she toughed it out.
She smelled a cigar being smoked and figured the reel was over for the moment. Yeah, no more singing Blackbird at work. What a shame!
She double checked her work, then wrapped it up for the day. She really was hungry and wanted something to eat. Lobster sounded great.
She locked the door behind her and went to the sandwich shop down the street and ordered a lobster roll. And tucked into it zealously.

Eschatology (a story)

Eschatology (a story)

There is a cult of people who sit in a desert where no one wanders. They rarely go to the cities that come closer and closer to their hiding place. For they consider the people within them to be evil, all that is wrong with the world. Somehow these people survive though. They have enough to eat, fresh water and raise their children to be caring people. Their children who stay to become the next gen of end-timers. Without coercion from their elders.
They are happy.
All this is a sign that the people of this cult are holy and in the favour of the gods they serve.
So they continue to watch for what they have been told foretells the coming of the last earth day.
They watch the skies for their ancestors’ return. Telling them that earthlings have spread out beyond this galaxy and now live on planets other than earth. That they still don’t seem to realize that they need to care for and nurture their planet and consider their neighbours over themselves.
They look to the seas to see their ancestors’ return. Telling them that land-dwellers have threatened them for long enough. The water boils and has garbage in it. Entire species die every day, due to human selfishness.
They look around the land and see rage and depression dividing the people further and further. They see the old gods displaced with money, greed and consumption over sharing and family. They see children starve to death everyday. When there is wealth aplenty to go around, if only people shared fairly.
They see fire misused as a weapon, rather than a cleansing agent. They see children not taught to respect it who commit arson. Perhaps because they are bullied and left behind in their society.
And they see the old ways of living set aside. Like farming and crafting, like hunting and foraging. And they wonder how these people will survive when the last days are upon them.
And having seen all these things, they know the time has come to prepare. The prophets have spoken true words.
So the people of this cult start to gather their supplies they will need for the end-times. And make the bunker. Hidden well where no one can see it, if they stumble across their village.
They stop having more children and gather the herbs they need to end lives who would not be an asset in the bunker. Those who cannot live inside, even for a short time and would panic others.
And they go inside.
They lock the doors.
They start singing their old songs that have never become popularized with modern tones. They speak their old tongues that have never been mixed with an enemies’ language. And they wear their old costumes that have never been raised or lowered due to fads. They eat their traditional foods and read their old tomes. Nothing has changed since the ancestors first came to them.
They were never exposed to anything from outside. Except the encroachment of the cities nearby.
Until the final day…
Each member gathered a drink and a cookie from the bin at the pulpit in the main room of the bunker and sat close to loved ones so they could be together as they changed forms. So they would be together in their next incarnation, wherever the ancestors needed them.
And they ate, they drank, and they sang and prayed. Till their last breath was gone.
The elders stayed alive long enough to give last rites to all the members. Then they slit their own throats and fell where they had stood. Praying for the ancestors to tend to their souls.
Even though they had not been allowed inside the bunker, those left outside made sure the bunker was sealed and would never be found as they walked away. They hoped that would be enough to get them back into the good graces of the ancestors.
And they went back to living in the ways they always had. They had children they were sure were doomed to die. And waited for the day when someone told them they had done well, or something had changed.
Like someone stumbling across their village who told them that there were other ways of being…

the sexiest chat I ever had

The Sexiest Chat I Ever Had… (a horror story)

This guy was so on his game! We were volleying smut back and forth, flirting and teasing each other. It was perfect. Till I found out …
We talked about our fantasies, from hugging all night; to flogging and foot worship; to breath play and electric play. We drooled over our best scenes and worked out the one we wanted to do together, if we ever met.
It was so not the usual fap fodder that rises up. There was no formula writing involved. It would never be popular. It would offend a lot of people.
But between us, it was burning holes in our imagination and our panties. Or at least mine.
When I finally found a way to travel to see him, he started to back off and hesitate. I started to worry that he might be a catfish. But he swore up and down that he was just shy. He was afraid that I wouldn’t think he was attractive.
He sent me pix and I told him he really had no worries! He still was worried. I stopped telling him I was coming. But I kept going with the plans. I was going to meet my fantasy man. He could not talk me out of it!
I was beginning to think that I might also be meeting his wife and kids. Something was up. And the pix didn’t show it.
I promised him that even if the pix were off by a decade or two and 50 lbs, he was still hot. He laughed and said, if anything, he had lost weight! Huh! So what was up?
He assured me we would meet someday. I agreed and kept working on my plans behind his back.
Finally the day came.
I traveled across the country and went to the street address he had given me. There was a warehouse there. I asked him if he had changed his address. Or lied to me. I told him a friend had taken a picture of the bldg and it didn’t look like a place people could live. Not comfortably.
He said it was refitted into an apt of sorts. There was a kitchen, a study, a bathroom and a really cool media room. Ok…
I tried the door. Of course it was locked.
I waited till someone came and snuck in behind them. I figured I might have to deal with security. But in the hall, there was what looked to be a lab and an office.
I asked if it was just apts, or if it was a mixed use bldg. He said the front was commercial. But he lived in the back.
So I walked down the hall and made it look like I knew where I was going. I came to the end of the hall and saw what looked to be a kitchen and media room thru a door. It was half glass with a metal bottom.
I slipped a bobby pin into the lock and entered. There was a lounge as well, that he hadn’t mentioned. And the media room was state of the art. I asked if he spent a lot of time in the media room. He said not really. He had wifi, so could sit anywhere as long as that was up.
So I went further in.
There was the bathroom and the study. I asked what was his fave place to be on line with me. He said, he usually sat in his sleeping area. There was no real bedroom, as it was a semi loft that way. I went back further. Not really but guys aren’t always that savvy about design. So an informal bedroom or bedsitting area then.
I asked if he was home in his fave place right now. He said yes.
So I opened the last door.
All I saw was a bunch of tubes at first… Tubes and stands to hold them…
Then I saw him.
I know, right now you might be seeing a guy in a chair or confined to bed maybe? If that had been it, I could have dealt. But what I saw made me scream. Freeze at first. I heard footsteps pounding my way from the front of the bldg. I heard his voice in my ear. Telling me not to be upset. Everything would be ok. Someone was coming to help me. I sunk to the floor, with the image in my head of something from a nightmare.
Someone reached me and held me. They gave me a shot for anxiety, well shock really. I passed out.
The last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was a brain in a bottle… I had been sexting with a brain in a bottle!!

Messed Up from Halloween (a story)

Messed Up from Halloween (a story)

There are so many things about that night, about my story that are usual to Halloween. I dressed up in a costume. I did the shtick of being a witch, yes a sexy one. We trick or treated with a few houses where friends my age lived. Just to have some childish fun. And to collect them on our way to the halloween party. My BF was driving a group of us in his parent’s van.
When we got to the party, we had the usual. Some booze and candy, some chips and pretzels and a scary movie rotation. The movies were: Carrie, Cujo, Scream, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby and Poltergeist. So we were primed for a good spook. Easy targets.
The pranks began. The boys were teasing the girls mostly. But I’ve been known to pull a few pranks as well. I love jumping out and grabbing ankles from a hiding place. Or setting out jello bowls with nectarines in that are painted to look like eyeballs.
Later, we went to the town haunted house (every town has one, right?) There was an unspoken dare. Probably a tradition, to be alone in a room or closet in the house for 10 minutes. A few of us were brave souls. We went to a place alone and started our watches.
I chose a crawl space I found in the basement. It was the first time I had found this space.
That was the last normal thing, at least for our time. Our era.
Then it was like I stepped into a time loop or a myth.
I smelled spices and burning candle wax as I crawled deeper. Then incense. There was nothing like that around me.
I saw some gourds and chains of flowers in corners. In what appeared to be offerings or small altars. That was the arrangement I was seeing. But no candles or incense sticks.
I crawled deeper. I was curious. I wanted to find the source of the smell. I crawled along, till suddenly the earth fell out from under me. And I fell. It was sort of like a movie, when you do that spinning thing as you fall between dimensions. But not really. That was the sensation, not the reality. Later I was convinced that I must have bumped my head at this point. But I checked my head, I had no bumps or bruises on my head.
There really was no other explanation.
I knew I did NOT travel to the land of the dead.
I did NOT talk to my dead grandmother.
I did NOT speak to my dead mother.
They did NOT warn me to go back. That I was risking my immortal soul by being here among the dead.
Stuff like that doesn’t happen to people in this time. And mostly men, go seeking their loves who just died. Or need something from there to prove they’re a hero. I heard an Indian woman chased after Yama when he was trying to take her husband…
But a crawl space incident in a haunted house??
Just WEIRD!! Right?? Have you ever heard of that before? I haven’t and I’ve watched a LOT of creepy movies and read a LOT of myths.
Grandma and mom aside, with their begging me to go back and all, I saw spirits I didn’t know as well. They offered me treats. I remembered the story of the pomegranate seeds and refused their offerings. They tried scaring me. Yep (points at self) Old time prankster here! Not happening. I was still half convinced I was laying out on a floor somewhere, having a heck of an hallucination! So I just looked around, and saw what I saw with my eyes wide open. I mean wide open. But I don’t scream.
When I arrived at the throne room, I saw a man in an ermine robe. No horns, no hooves. Just a man. Quite handsome too. And smiling. Almost like he had invited me over to his house for a glass of wine and some nibbles.
I mentioned something about not having sex with an incubus. And he laughed. Remember I thought I was dreaming! I probably was! Wasn’t I??
He reassured me that I was safe in his care and called his queen. She was stunning, when she showed up. I made a remark about not being a unicorn either. He winked and suggested I might want to wait till I was asked.
I blushed.
It’s not like any secrets of the universe were told, but the three of us had a lovely chat while we sat in their throne room, in the land of the dead, till they suggested it was time for me to return, if I was going to.
I was going to! I was given a mark on my shoulder by the queen so the spirits outside wouldn’t be able to distract me from my journey.
And I was let go.
Much as I was curious, and wanted more information, I thought I better get while the going was good. So I said my goodbyes and left.
I crawled back to the basement.
My BF and friends were there waiting for me. Asking me questions. I touched my shoulder and felt the mark on my skin.
But the last thing I wanted was to spend the next few days in a straight jacket on meds. So I let them believe I was telling a story for the day.
They said I should write it down and submit it to my college prof. I said he wouldn’t believe me.
So the story that shoulfd be a saga written by Dante Alighieri was, in my telling, a few little chats. With no real meaning. Just a lesson. Eternity does really exist. And it’s waiting for me.