self esteem: when you get on an airplane

In the safety chat you get when you fly. they tell you that in order for you to be safe on the flight, the first person you need to take care of in an emergency is yourself. Because no one else will survive if you don’t put the mask on you first. Right?

Well, what if we put that lesson to life? Esp as women. We are the care givers and nurturers of our family and friends. We are also the ones who burn out when we are over used. Over extended. Unsupported. Taken advantage of.

So maybe we need to teach ourselves to let others do for themselves and we need to ask for help when we need a rest. BEFORE things get so tough, that they are virtuously unfixable. BEFORE we become so anxious or depressed we need meds.

And maybe we need to realize that not all women are created equal, so be kinder to ourselves than we would be to a friend or family member. Show them how we want to be treated. Like the queen we are. Like the valued person we should be. Not their servant. (I don’t mean kink)

We need to respect and love ourselves, before we can teach others how to love us ladies, so let’s try to work on that goal first.


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