feminism : different hills to climb

feminism : different hills to climb

It’s really easy to get arrogant if the only kind of feminism you know of or view is the one in the western part of the world.
It’s easy to consider your abilities to get ahead as the water mark of what all women should be able to do.
But not all women are created equal. Not that they’re a “weak sister”, but that they have different experiences that might actually mean they have a harder go than you do. So if anyone is weak, it just might be you.
If you live in a land where all your hopes for life are to be the toy of your father, your husband and your oldest son. A wife, a daughter and a mother. Where your day is about passing unnoticed, to avoid blows from those men in your life. Barely able to read and write because you aren’t allowed to remain in school. If you can go at all. Where you are a slave to your family and religion.
Or even supposing you are in the west, you might be in a rural part of the country you live in or an urban area that doesn’t get the resources equally to others. If you’re poor, or from another country and have immigrated here. Then you’re lucky to graduate high school. Your “career” is more likely to be at a fast food joint or a dept store like Walmart. Or your parents’ little operation. A store, a restaurant, a dry cleaner. Or selling drugs.
IF you survive to adulthood.
So yeah, feminsim has made life pretty cool for you. Awesome! Thx to your grandma, aunt, and mom. Thx to the suffragettes who got you a vote, body autonomy, a chance to finish school.
But your sisters, they’re not there yet.
In some parts of the world, they still get their genitals mutilated, their male relatives can still beat, rape and kill them, they still today have to marry their rapist or face shame. Possibly be stoned to death for refusing your family’s direction.
Does that sound like feminsim is done yet? Or you’re all that and a bag of chips cuzz you tell those behind you that if you can do it, anyone can?
Not to me it doesn’t.

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