the sexiest chat I ever had

The Sexiest Chat I Ever Had… (a horror story)

This guy was so on his game! We were volleying smut back and forth, flirting and teasing each other. It was perfect. Till I found out …
We talked about our fantasies, from hugging all night; to flogging and foot worship; to breath play and electric play. We drooled over our best scenes and worked out the one we wanted to do together, if we ever met.
It was so not the usual fap fodder that rises up. There was no formula writing involved. It would never be popular. It would offend a lot of people.
But between us, it was burning holes in our imagination and our panties. Or at least mine.
When I finally found a way to travel to see him, he started to back off and hesitate. I started to worry that he might be a catfish. But he swore up and down that he was just shy. He was afraid that I wouldn’t think he was attractive.
He sent me pix and I told him he really had no worries! He still was worried. I stopped telling him I was coming. But I kept going with the plans. I was going to meet my fantasy man. He could not talk me out of it!
I was beginning to think that I might also be meeting his wife and kids. Something was up. And the pix didn’t show it.
I promised him that even if the pix were off by a decade or two and 50 lbs, he was still hot. He laughed and said, if anything, he had lost weight! Huh! So what was up?
He assured me we would meet someday. I agreed and kept working on my plans behind his back.
Finally the day came.
I traveled across the country and went to the street address he had given me. There was a warehouse there. I asked him if he had changed his address. Or lied to me. I told him a friend had taken a picture of the bldg and it didn’t look like a place people could live. Not comfortably.
He said it was refitted into an apt of sorts. There was a kitchen, a study, a bathroom and a really cool media room. Ok…
I tried the door. Of course it was locked.
I waited till someone came and snuck in behind them. I figured I might have to deal with security. But in the hall, there was what looked to be a lab and an office.
I asked if it was just apts, or if it was a mixed use bldg. He said the front was commercial. But he lived in the back.
So I walked down the hall and made it look like I knew where I was going. I came to the end of the hall and saw what looked to be a kitchen and media room thru a door. It was half glass with a metal bottom.
I slipped a bobby pin into the lock and entered. There was a lounge as well, that he hadn’t mentioned. And the media room was state of the art. I asked if he spent a lot of time in the media room. He said not really. He had wifi, so could sit anywhere as long as that was up.
So I went further in.
There was the bathroom and the study. I asked what was his fave place to be on line with me. He said, he usually sat in his sleeping area. There was no real bedroom, as it was a semi loft that way. I went back further. Not really but guys aren’t always that savvy about design. So an informal bedroom or bedsitting area then.
I asked if he was home in his fave place right now. He said yes.
So I opened the last door.
All I saw was a bunch of tubes at first… Tubes and stands to hold them…
Then I saw him.
I know, right now you might be seeing a guy in a chair or confined to bed maybe? If that had been it, I could have dealt. But what I saw made me scream. Freeze at first. I heard footsteps pounding my way from the front of the bldg. I heard his voice in my ear. Telling me not to be upset. Everything would be ok. Someone was coming to help me. I sunk to the floor, with the image in my head of something from a nightmare.
Someone reached me and held me. They gave me a shot for anxiety, well shock really. I passed out.
The last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was a brain in a bottle… I had been sexting with a brain in a bottle!!

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