the elixir (a story)

**NB – this is a story, for enjoyment only. It is not meant to be a health advisory.**

I stumbled across the shop by accident, when I was out window shopping in a new area of town for me. There were used book stores, a feed mill, a music store, a pub, a small diner and a couple craft shops. Places mom and pop would start up and run. There were a few old houses too and a small apt bldg there as well. Places you know have been around for a few decades.
I had read of a sale in one of the book stores and had spent a glorious afternoon perving my fave authors and spent a couple hundred dollars. Now I was tired and hungry.
The store had a fruit stand out front. And it being the right season, there were strawberries. I had to have some! Nothing like fresh berries.
So I grabbed a pint and went into the store to pay for them. Inside the store, there were more things to eat. At least in the front room. Things I had never seen before were on the shelves. Like chips made of tapioca, apple, kale and kelp, would you believe? And carob cookies and brownies.
I grabbed the kale chips. I thought they might taste good with the berries.
On the way to the cash register, I saw a small hallway. There was a tiny sign over the entrance to it that said, “apothecary”. I thought I’d step in to see what they had to offer. I often found I was tired by the end of the week. So I wanted an energy booster. My doctors were getting tired of me complaining. Their tests were saying that I’m fine. I don’t like feeling tired a lot.
I made my way thru the bead curtain, with a smile on my face. It felt like I was in hippie space. I was half expecting to hear Hendrix or Joplin. Instead, I heard Egyptian folk music… Ok.
There was a sign that asked me to take my shoes off. Umm huh. I was glad I was wearing socks. I slipped out of my sneakers. I never tied them tight. So easy on, easy off.
I put the berries and chips onto a cupboard beside the door. And looked around the shop. There were all kinds of dark bottles. The small kind with the rubber “nipple” top. Or at least that’s what they look like. There were bundles of herbs as well. So cool! I was intrigued.
A man came out of a curtained area and smiled at me. He sat at a table and waved me over to him… Okie dokie. Why not? I could sit for a few.
We exchanged pleasantries. He asked if he could examine my hands. I agreed. He looked at the nails and made some comments about their fragility and the white lines in the pink part. He pushed a finger into my skin and noted that I could drink more water. Not a bad idea. I would try that. He mentioned that dehydration has serious side effects, and if I wanted to lose weight, it helps with that. My ears perked up. Yep, I was drinking more water from now on.
He asked if he could look in my eyes. I agreed. He said that they were a little darker than they should be. And irritated, Well yeah, I had just been reading. But I nicely mentioned that I was often tired.
I also mentioned my doctor hadn’t found anything as yet.
He asked about my diet. I told him I ate a lot of veg and fruit and whole grains. But I was still a carnivore. Mostly poultry and fish though. He mentioned that there were benefits to a vegan diet. Probably true. It seemed to be a hot topic in alternative health fields. And even in environmental groups. I nodded and smiled. Non-commitally.
He said he could work around the meat, but when I started to feel better, I might decide that improving would be worth the vegan diet change. That would be a feat. I promised to cut back some.
He also mentioned grains. And I gulped. I mean my pasta and rice and I are BFFs. I pouted. He smiled and winked. Then suggested maybe they could be treats instead of daily visitors. Perhaps they could at that!
He pulled a tray to him with a bunsen burner on it. He lit it and poured some water and apple cider vinegar into a dish, which he hung over the burner. Then he added some oils and herbs. And muddled them. Then strained them. And poured it in a glass nippled bottle when it was cool. All while we had a lovely chat about local issues. I think there was a fair the following week.
When done, he handed me the bottle and told me it was a reasonable price of $20 plus tax. I looked at the label he had put on it. It said. “the elixir”.
I gulped. I asked if I would live forever. He laughed and said, “not without some serious changes!”
I grabbed my stuff, my shoes and went off to pay for my purchases. And left. Well, western medicine wasn’t solving my issues, so why not? Worth a shot.
I ran my tongue over my incisors to see if they were more pointed than usual, and giggled at the thought.


## . . . . resources
elixir – water and alcohol base. tincture of herbs, water and alcohol or apple cider vinegar




[vitamin Bs][]

[blood sugar][]


[blood pressure][]

[blood cholesterol][]


[colloidal gold – autoimmune boost][]

[super herbs/spices][]

best diet – components
low sugar, low starch veg and fruit
dark green leafy veg

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