Birth of a Golem (a story)

Birth of a Golem (a story)

I spent days getting the brownish clay to work properly as I sculpted it for my project. Just the right amount of soil, water and mixing brought it to a state that was malleable for shaping it..
I smoothed it, oiled it head to toe, then put the name of God in his mouth. I breathed breath into him and said the spells that would bring him to life. That would make him follow my will. Then I danced around his body until I heard it take in breath. And I realized I had created life. Well, fake life anyway.
I sent him before me to be sure my path was safe. So long as people meant no harm to me, they were safe. And only one man was shoved aside in my early journey. I knew then the man wasn’t a good man, and didn’t have good intentions toward me.
As my journey grew longer, and I was further away from home, the golem found more souls against me. Pushed more people. And I was left to wonder if I had made it wrong, or if the people thought because I was a stranger away from home alone, they could cause me harm. There was no surety in my thoughts, so I kept walking, with him in front of me.
It seemed the golem was getting more violent in the altercations, but I still wasn’t sure. We were on back roads where ignorance and fear abounded. So I thought, at first, that their anger might be confusing the golem.
But it just kept getting worse.
So I cast another spell to control the golem, just in case. I wish it had worked.
The next village we went thru, the golem came outside a public house and punched a guy. The guy fell down and struck his head. I tried to revive him. Someone standing nearby said the guy wan’t a good man. But that didn’t excuse the golem. In his aim to protect me, I had given no directions about taking a life to save mine. I never would have.
I took the golem to a fellow mage and asked for help. The mage was impressed by my craft. And had some books from early practitioners. So we scoured them to see if we could find a cure for his aggression. Though some might say that the golem was within reason for his behaviour, I didn’t feel comfortable with it using such a degree of violence.
In the reading, we soon found that golems were often out of control in their aggression. They were often shut down due to this aggression.
I had to consider what my limit would be with him. I was already considering shutting him down. Was one life, even if of a bad man, too much?
I made a point of tying the golem to me, when we were in villages. There were times it pulled away from me and jerked my arm almost out of it’s socket to get to a man it thought was a threat to me. I was getting really concerned.
But the day came when the golem turned toward me and hissed at me, because I wouldn’t let it attack a man near me. A man who by all accounts wsn’t decent. But I still didn’t want his death on my conscience.
That was enough for me. I danced in reverse around the golem and took the paper out of it’s mouth. I said spells that shut the golem down. I kicked the clay apart and took pieces to other parts of the village and buried them. Where no one saw me. Or what I had.
I couldn’t bear the thought that something I had considered a protective tool was now out of my control. Might injure someone again, whether by my will or not. It was too awesome a responsibility.
Could I live with this responsibility if I used it again? I now had blood on my hands.

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