the rise of the cyborg (a story)

Sometimes I look back at history and the process of inventions and I am worried about the future of humanity. Ok maybe often.

We seem to be stuck in a pattern of alienation and splintering or fragmenting people right out of existance. I can see where convenience became more important than people. I can see where independence became more important than belonging.

Which makes me wonder if there will be a day when we become more robot than human. Will we be a planet of cyborgs some day in the not too distant future? Only enough blood and guts left so any invader from another planet still qualifies us as alive? How much would that be?

Only enough bonding left to self and other, that we can be called a social being.

Will eugenics ever become more than the person who might go on to save the world? Or be the best of a school of art or philosophy? Or has it become so already?

Does the soul exist separate from the body, and if so, can it be transmitted to some other receptacle so it can have a longer life when it is deemed worthy?

Do we need to consider that production and compliance with the govt might have superceded autonomy and family in our social constructs?

## . . . .

Cyborg 25-14- 380 finished reading the philosophical questions and the treatises of earlier times and laughed at their delusions. He thought that no matter what was done, each of those people and each of those inventions were easily replaceable. It was like thinking you could chop the head off the hydra to think you could go back and eliminate one and anything would change. His human ancestors were not only superstitious, but also delusional. The world would be what it was, no matter what was done.

## . . . .

1760 to 1840.

[industrial revolution][]

[and it’s innovations][]

[the timeline][]

[first industrial robot][]
[assembly line][]

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