oooops! he fell down! (a story)

OOOOPS! He Fell Down! (a story)

Noone but her lover and she knew about their affair. They both appeared happy in their marriages, and by most standards they were. At least content. They and their mates were well off, healthy, fit, had all the kids they wanted and an attentive spouse. One who still wanted them, were involved sexually as well.
Maybe it was just wanting something strange, well at first. But they became hooked by the fetishes they both enjoyed.
But that’s not the real story. It’s not about sex or romance, or even a selfish person who had to have their way. Damn the costs. You’d think so. But it’s not.

Her husband was a busy man, with a lot on his plate. He’d made enemies and friends. But you know, there comes an age in life when not everyone in the world thinks you’re so adorbs they want to smush your cheeks and hugs you up. You might be a bit brash for their tastes, or whatever. Usually not a biggy. Or they might have been passed over, when you got your promotions, so they are jealous. Or maybe someone has a crush on you and your lack of interest has made them really really angry. Or you might be a liberal and they are conservative and they think you’re a dolt cuzz you have that mindset in your politics and world view.

Life happens in other words. And it’s usually not a big deal… till you show up dead one day at the morgue. Then all these things and people become motives for a death no one can figure out. There are no wounds, the tox and drug screens come back with no concerns.
You are a fit person. Your lungs, and heart work well. And yet here we are. You’re dead. And someone must have done something.

Your cause of death? Well if you had been able to speak… you would have mentioned that loud noises startled you and made your face, neck and knees go weird. Depending how loud they were, you might look like a drunken sod as you tried to stay on your feet. Or how you got used to not laughing because it made you sloppy on your feet, a clutz, and people looked at you like you should be ashamed for drinking so early in the day.

You were just at the point when you were thinking seriously about calling your doctor when you died. So no one knew what you knew. And as a result of your cataplexy, when you were downtown one day, picking up flowers for your wife, and a gun started blasting off, you had a crisis. You fell to your knees, at the edge of a staircase. You couldn’t stop yourself from falling. Your neck snapped in the wrong direction, because it was in an odd place to begin with due to the condition no one knew of. And during the fall, your neck was broken. You died instantly.

There was a suspicious death inquiry. They suspected poisoning or someone slipped you a drug to make you less able on your feet. People had motives, right? Especially your wife. They always look at the spouse first. She was having an affair, and you had a decent insurance setup. She was meant to receive your estate, for herself and as guardian of your kids.
Until she ended up in jail.

It’s almost poetic justice, in a way. After all, you’d be pissed if you knew she was cheating on you, wouldn’t you? You sure wouldn’t want her to receive all your money and custody of your kids, when she was nothing but a liar and a cheat, would you?

I can almost hear you laughing now 😛

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