in the year of our lord 2017 (a story)

in the year of our lord 2017

A social scientist comes to year 2017 to get an understanding of sexuality in the 21st century. These are the sociologist’s reports about specific practices back to her time.

Report: Glory Holes

Sociologist: 3420 Planet: Earth
Year of our lord: 2017

In a back alley, full of dirty shops and doors that lead nowhere, I found a place that catered to men who wanted anonymity to the point where all they wanted to see of their sexual partner was their penis. Or their mouth. So they put holes in the walls at hip height and had knocking codes to enter.
The mouths went thru a day on their knees, servicing the penises. Never knowing anything but streams of jism. Some swallowed the orgasm and some refused. They weren’t willing to risk the STIs that went with their occupation. All they tasted was sweat and urine, instead of cum. Hours of every day spent sucking dirty men for a few dollars so they could afford to live. Some must have frozen their jaws many times.
Other than that, the hazards of the job were splinters. It’s not like the edges were well planed, after all.
Now and then, men would lay in wait outside the mouths’ door and beat up a man who exited. Just to make the point that they were the ones in charge. It wasn’t enough that they wrecked the muscles in their throat to the point where some had difficulty swallowing and keepng things down. The lumps and lesions weren’t enough either. No, they had to beat the mouth to show they were the supreme penis and they must obey.
Now and then the procurors would give the mouths or a penis a beating. To take a wage from a mouth or because a penis was trying to withhold payment. And now and then, they followed the penis home so they could blackmail them.
It was a very isolating experience just to keep their public lives separate from their sexual needs.

Report: Down Low Poker Parties

Sociologist: 3420 Planet: Earth
Year of our lord: 2017

Each of the men was married, had children and a life of being a straight man they wanted to protect. For whatever reason, they needed the straight cover. Was it family obligations; religious piety and it’s guilts; fear of exposure…?
But at these evenings, they had a chance to be authentic with their friends.
They rode their friends fast and put them away wet. Bareback. As the lingo of the day spoke it. Almost to the point of self sabotage. There was a real risk of STIs which would have broken their lives apart. They were fine if they stayed a small group of friends they had known for years. But everytime they invited a new person into their group, they risked their lives again.
It was an era of male posturing and being straight was part of that pose. Macho was a key attitude, and not being macho left you open to more than getting teased. It could have you beaten to death. Left as garbage in the street.
So these poker party nights were their way of being true to themselves and reducing the risks.
But even there, they had rules so they were straight men having gay intimacies. Not gay men being themselves. Or even bisexual men being themselves.
They could explain it by too much alcohol or drugs. But they kept returning. Knowing the homosexual acts were part of the night.
It was just sex. Not an affair, no more than a friendship. Not even really that affectionate. It was like a bell rang, the penis came out and one got sucked. Or the pants dropped and one bent over to get their ass raped. Then they went back to being straight men. Buddy buddy, back slapping, beer drinking, macho pals who were having a guy night. While the wives were shopping or home with the kids. Almost utilitarian.

Report: porn trope

Sociologist: 3420 Planet: Earth
Year of our lord: 2017

It’s an interesting disparity. Pornography claims to be for adults, and the laws are built so it must be for adults, yet the person who most benefits from pornography is a young man just entering puberty who has found his father’s stash.
Or the bachelor who has moved into the basement of his mother’s house. He has no other outlet for his sexual aggression, so he faps as they say to girls with big boobs and jiggly butts stuffed with plastic penis substitutes.
Or they chase the elusive blowjob they dream of, seemingly whether they have a relationship with a woman or not.
Spankings are supposed to make the woman crazy for sex, whether it’s oral, genital or
anal sex to the point where she
squirts all over the place. And the circle jerk evolves from a group of teen age boys painting the tile or snow, to bukake . Of course the woman must be really vocal in her enthusiasm, while he calls her foul names. moans
The story might vary but the theme is one of her servicing him, him taking advantage of her, or him abusing her. If there is a female dominance scene, she is screaming at him and he is submissive. There is more chastity in these scenes. As if the dominant man is challenged by the idea of the woman having aggressive sex, so the man serving her needs cannot have sex with her.
Same as the two females having lesbian sex are just looking for the man to join them.
The relationship can be familial or authoritative. (parent, boss, teacher) despite these being illegal. So they play act the roles. Or it can be slavish.
And if they want to have out door or violent sexual relations, they add a large animal to the trope (most commonly bears, wolves and big cats).
But as said, the trope may vary, but the fapper is who it serves best.

. . . .

Hugh Hefner – Playboy
Larry Flynt – Hustler
Bob Guccione – Penthouse

. . . .

Marquis de Sade

Report: suburbanites

Sociologist: 3420 Planet: Earth
Year of our lord: 2017

A couple who has “made it good” in the city moves to the suburbs to have play space and better schools for their kids. And a bigger house.
They have been together for a few years now and are bored with their sex life as well. So they are open-minded when the greeting committee of the suburbs come to them with the party concept they have been doing for years. The husband might have to convince his wife, at first, but she gets into it. Usually sooner than he does, because the men are more welcoming of a fresh body to play with. Women might have more safety concerns with a new man.
In one room, they have a bedroom for guests who want to be alone as two or three, usually. It’s basically the seduction room for new party invitees. To reel them in, before they get into the bigger group events. The room encourages some “slap and tickle” and has cuffs and rope for those who want to explore BDSM a bit.
The room is wired for cameras so the host can watch later. It also protects the invitee who might not be as ready to play as thought. They can confirm that they said stop. Or used a safe word to stop the activity.
The video can also be viewed after a few months by the crowd. As part of their erotic film stash between group events. As a cool down. After the new members are acclimatized.
There is a swingers’ room, where the couple might meet with another couple and decide to be more intimate with them. Also an entry level room for the party. They might just switch spouses and watch their partner have sex with this new person. Or they might have sex with their spouse while they watched and where watched by the other couple.
Then there is the major event room. Divided into two areas, the orgy room has a space for “lookie-loos”. It is meant for new invitees to get used to the idea of the orgy. Also as a warm up space for those who need to get excited before they can act. Or for a between space for those who need a rest due to muscle strain or fatigue.
And a place filled with mats and pillows for the orgy. It may seem like a free-for-all, but the orgy does have usual partners for the activities. A few people might be open to the new couple joining them, so they leave a spot open for them to join in if they wish. There is a lot of massage and oral stimulation. Probably more than there is genital or anal. And there always seems to be that one woman who is getting piled on. In some fantasy of gang violence toward her, but consensual still. She has agreed to be used by multiple partners on this night.
The rule seems to be that these things only occur on party nights. It’s not ok to step outside the marriage or party and have an affair in the neighbourhood. It isn’t meant for cheaters, but to open the marriage. And it seems most people respect this boundary. Those that don’t, find themselves excluded from further socialization in their neighbourhood. Social groups are more important in the suburbs. You have a limited choice of people to be friendly with there. In the city, you can pick another group, if the first doesn’t work out. Not so much in the suburbs. So people tend to behave as the group wishes as long as they live there.

Report Summary

Sociologist: 3420 Planet: Earth
Year of our lord: 2017

2017 has shown us that our theory that sexual obsession was pervasive was true.
Despite the fact that the legal and religious trope was chastity, few people were able to sustain this. They hid their identity; cheated; engaged in sexual commerce at the risk of their lives and everything they valued. They lived dual lives. One protective so they would be free to live the truth.
Sexuality became an aberration, a crime and a commodity the more they tightened the definition of what it was meant to be.
Gangs and mobs treated people who were attractive enough to draw customers as if they were merchandise. Whether they were dead or alive, or of age to be engaged in sexual acts, despite the fact they knew they were breaking the law. Or maybe because of it.
Instead of changing their position, the laws and religious codes were tightened further.
People who weren’t sufficiently attractive to be sold by these groups got involved in bizarred side shows, similar to circuses. People with medical sexual and identity disorders were forced to become clownish versions of themselves to survive in such a stringent world. A world that claimed to be free.
At the risk of STIs that had gruesome effects and medications to treat them that were toxic.
The government went further, by making pills that made sexual acts even more of a demand, rather than considering the needs of the people.
This was the point the world was at, that caused the change of the world. The government was abusing the people.

Signing off,
Sociologist: 3420 Planet: Earth
Year of our lord: 2017


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