Nursemaid Robot’s Report (a story)

Maintenance Report of: Robot 43520
Human Name : Cassandra

Attn Team Leader : Dr Ethan,
Morningstar Robotics Unit
Ottawa, Canada

Dr Ethan,

**My people are:**
My soul purpose is to have charge of the humans in my immediate vascinity, to see to their care and protection. In that purview, I have been asked to be domestic slave and guardian to the welfare of:
* family: Martin. This family comprises of parental units:
* John and Beatrice. Their progeny are:
* Omar, (boy) Flossy (girl – Florence but no one calls her that) and MillyBird (girl – Mildred but no one calls her that).

**Service tasks:**
assigned a myriad of tasks I have been told are common to domestic servece, So I will list them for you as such. If you need clarification, please notify the household.
* cook meals of a healthful and tasteful nature to humans
* sew hems and buttons on clothing, replace zippers on clothing
* tea service to adult humans and friends
* alcohol/bartending to adult humans and friends
* healthful snacks to progeny
* chauffeur progeny to hobbies and groups, scheduling
* chauffeur progeny to school and tutors
* shop at grocers, hardware and retail stores. Supplied with list from a parental unit of necessities and a list of wishes parental units will allow this robot to get for the progeny. Dependent on good behaviour.
* mani/pedi maintenance of Beatrice Martin as she requests.
* erotic dancing and oral stim of genitals of John Martin
* find erotic magazines for Omar Martin.
* find romantic books for female progeny
* dust
* vaccuum
* walk dog
* clean cat litter
* feed animals the correct portions of their kibble
* answer phone, emails and notify correct household member
* maintain utilities
* maintain family schedule

**protection tasks**
* chauffeur and attend family when out of house per schedule
* surveil house and perimeter of property
* notify protective services as appropriate

These tasks are busy-making, but not difficult in anything but the amount of time they take. So I have no issues with them. Neither does the family. They make no complaints. Except for sore heads after drinking alcohol and fatigue or boredom as humans are often wont to do. Or so studies say.

**Attitudes of family members**
The members seem to be healthy and occupied. They have sufficient resources as well. Which is why I have not been able to find the source for their discontent. They are moody and argumentative. Omar Martin broods continually so the girl progeny call him EEyore, after the cartoon character. The girl progeny cry easily and squabble with each other. The younger, MillyBird is often scratching and biting Flossy, the older. The parental units say this is normal for human girls. But first aid is often required. The parental units blame Flossy for Milly Bird’s attacks on her. MillyBird gets more of the family resources than the other progeny do. The parental units claim she is gifted, yet I have seen nothing of note in my testing.

Having researched human communications and dynamics, this discontent often leads to larger problems and misuse of street and prescription medications and abuse or neglect. They are not isolated from society and have spiritual resources at their temple, though their attendance is infrequent.
The men are not involved in the fields and the women are not involved in gardening or tanning hides. So their productivity may need to be upgraded. John Martin could use a diet, but resists my efforts by increasing his portion size after I serve the family.
Historically, the women are the ones who complete my tasks, but Beatrice Martin has a job. So they requested a domestic robot and my programs were compiled for their use.
I am not programmed to argue with and stress the family members, and at this point, there is insufficient concern for emergent, human services. But the pattern shows future troubles.
And humans are notorious for having little self control or regulation.

Advice needed,

Robot 43520


## Asimov’s laws of robotics …
!. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
## . . . .
[I, Robot – Isaac Asimov][]

## . . . . song influences
[why do fools fall in love? _ Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers][]
[chain of fools – Aretha Franklin][]
[better man – Pearl Jam][]
[cat’s in the cradle – Harry Chapin][]
[things have changed – Bob Dylan][]
[what’s going on? Marvin Gaye][]
[strange fruit – Billie Holliday][]
[rise above this – Seether][]
[games people play – The Alan Parsons Project][]
[hot child in the city – Nick Gilder][]
[just a gigolo – David Lee Roth][]
[papa don’t preach – Madonna][]
[scars – Papa Roach][]
[l o l a lola – The Kinks][]
[the killing of Georgie – Rod Stewart][]



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