Galaxy (a story)

Galaxy (a story)

Many eons ago, an advanced race came to earth and taught the primitive people there all they needed to know to grow into a civilized land. They taught them some moral lessons and wisely said that these codes would help their people have a better quality of life. They lifted a stone platform so the people would be reminded of their covenant.
For many centuries, the people remembered the visitors and followed their sage advice. But then they became more arrogant. When a people think they have grown, they stop thinking there is someone who knows more. They think they are gods. It had been so long since they had seen the visitors.

The people forgot the visitors and thought their ancestors had been telling camp fire stories and the visitors were just a tale to keep their children in check. So they started to go their own way.
They broke up family homes, they stopped going to the temples to pray, they believed that money had more power than faith. And they began to build… build… build. Concrete and steel took the place of red woods. Cement and tar took the place of rivers.

Instead of thinking that other people were children of gods, they thought of them as enemies and started building weapons and isolation centers. They looked to the stars and dreamed of living and traveling there. The odd people were put into warehouses and given drugs to placate them, instead of being respected.

And they began warring with their neighbours. Withholding basic necessities and destroying villages. Killing and raping the women and children and disrespecting the elders.

When the visitors heard what was going on, they returned and tried to clean up the mess. But the people were too stubborn. Most of them anyway. Those who had been mistreated or isolated in the centers were happy to hear there was another way to live.They were taken onto the ships of the visitors and removed to their planet. The visitors created a chimera so the people there couldn’t see where their journey took them away and couldn’t follow. The visitors put warning signs thru the galaxy for other species, so they would know that the people there were running amok. So they had the choice to veer away from the planet.

The warring people were left well alone to kill themselves off if they chose to. And those who were freed by the arrival of the visitors flourished under their support and tutilage. Life became good for them.

The visitors told them that their variances were in fact signs of the new evolution and had the people followed their code, they would have been revered. Now they would be. As intended.

. . . .

## . . . .

influences for this piece

[I’m a Stranger Here- 5 man electric band][]

[Calling Occupants  – Carpenters][]

[Space Oddity –  David Bowie][]

[Rocket Man  – Elton John][]

{The Final Countdown – Europe][]
[Yellow Moon  –  Pearl Jam][]
[Cygnus X-1  –  Rush][]
[Heart of the Sunrise  –  Yes][]
[Black Hole Sun –  Soundgarden][]
[Supernaut  –  Black Sabbath][]
## . . . .
[A C Clarke  – 2001 A Space Odyssey][

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