code name Medea (a female spy story)

Code Name: Medea (a female spy story)


Medea Medea witch of wonder
who brought down a cheat
once a hero of plunder
just by making him eat
flesh so tender and innocent
so loved by him then
by the gods a punishment
Jason fell to her ken

She had nothing but beauty and domestic skills going for her. But one day, a captain of the army came and asked her if she would consider becoming a spy for her country. She was offered a place in the house of a dignitary of the enemy.

  • her backstory:

She was to tell the seneschal that she was a poor lass on the run from an abusive uncle who was made guardian of her after her parents died tragically. She had no one to protect her. But she was a good cook, and could serve a big house quite easily. She was used to cooking at her father’s public house. The punters had loved her food.

So she went to the house and applied to be a junior cook. Till she could prove her skills to the lady of the house and the seneschal.
She was tested by cooking an egg. I know it seems so simple. But master chefs baulk at this simple thing. She made a lovely soft boiled egg and a fluffy plate of scrambled eggs as well. They were delicious. So she was hired.
Her day was spent in the kitchens, but she wandered the garden at night. So the master was likely to see her. One night he did. The chase was on. She played innocent and yet let herself be seduced. She cried and wailed about her future. No decent man would have her. The master gave her baubles as gifts to soother her tender nerves and made false promises. So she let him keep seducing her.
Though she had taken measures to be sure of no pregnancy, she soon let him know that he was a potent steed. He moved her to an upstairs bedroom and surrounded her with fripperies. She started padding her bra and slip appropriately. She no longer had to cook, as the work and heat of the kitchen were deemed unsafe for the master’s child. Even if it was a bastard. His wife was sterile and they planned to adopt the infant, when it was born.The babe would be their heir if it was a boy.
The master began to trust her and allowed her to stay in the room, even during important meetings of his agents. She would sit and yawn and say nothing. But now and then, she said she was bored and became petulent. But the master said he wanted her pretty face near him. He gave her bonbons to soothe her during the meetings.
When each meeting was over, she went to her room and wrote a missive to her handler and put it under a bench in the garden when she went for an evening walk, for the health of the babe. No one suspected her.
But one kitchen maid, who had been the master’s previous paramour watched her. She had been made to work again when the master lost interest in her.
The maid watched and learned and soon found a missive. She took it to the master and he fell to his knees in despair. His country was in danger, due to his lust. His wife took the spy to her rooms and stripped her. She found the padding, instead of a babe.
They had a few soldiers to guard their house as they were important people. The wife went to them and told them the story and showed them the missive.
The spy was taken out to a field away from the house and suffered several rapes. Then she was shot by each gun they had and left to breathe her last. Buried the next day.
But the information she had managed to sneak out was well used by her side of the conflict. She was given posthumous awards for serving her country well.

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