the dance between Merlin and Morgan (a story)

The Dance Between Merlin and Morgan (a story)

So many things between them; some love, some faith, some hate. All power shifting and changing over the head of a crown. A fight between the old gods and the new one for a kingdom.
A fight between a camdion and a water nymph for a soul. One as champion and one as a curse, both full of sorcery and passion. So caught up in the magic that they lost the soul they fought for in the end. Incest and falsity it’s stones.
And the castle and kingdom fell. Though they say that loss is only temporary.
Whisper the sorceror’s name and they appear. But is the name you cry out Merlin or Morgan? Does your quest lead you to the sacred male or female? Is the cross Celtic or Christian?
In the evolution of time though, the kingdom will rise again, if it ever was. You’ll find it among the trees of the Druids, that protect the lady of the lake and the dragon that sleeps in the mountain.
The round table will rise and chivalry will be profound again. But when it does, will the gods be Christian or pagan? Either way, power weighs heavy on Camelot’s Crown. Intrigue separates the knights from the throne and the round table.

Power dances thru the wands of sorcery
Merlin races to the throne’s side
And Morgan smashes the sword’s stone
Merlin teaches the young king
And Morgan plots for his downfall
Camdion and nymph at war
For the throne of Camelot.
Which may be lost forever
when father and son kill each other.
All that’s left in Camelot for now is
the dance of Merlin and Morgan.

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