Dear Lady Marian

Dear Lady Marian, (a story)

  • remaking a Sherwood Forest story

Since I saw you in the woods one day, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. You are so gorgeous! So hot and you were so sweet and nice to little me. Meaningless me. I’ve replayed our conversation over and over in my head several times a day since then.
I know I bowed and scraped before you, till you were blushing. I know I stammered when I should have been clear about what I wanted from you.
But you were a young chaperoned lady, and I presumed an innocent. For all I knew, you had an iron belt under your skirts. If only I knew for sure… Had you and your maid found a way to remove the belt between the priest’s fumbling checks? Was one of your guards (or more) your lover? Or did you prefer to tumble with the stable boys? Maybe you and your maids were playing together? Had someone defiled you, or had you gone to a lover’s bed willingly? I had so many hot scenes going thru my mind, that I couldn’t concentrate and it was making my crew a bit crazy. But we all had a bit of a crush on you, so they were nice about their impatience. How could they not be when they felt the same way?
We were sparring with each other, to see who would be sent to town to find out more about you. I won. How could I not? I’m the leader of the crew!
Finally the day arrived. There was a joust and I was sent as a challenger against the castle’s guards.
I pulled on my trousers, overshirt and a hat that covered my hair, so no one would know who I was. I pulled on a pair of boots that were so huge, it made it hard to walk. I was worried about how I’d fight with them on. My own mother would have difficulty seeing her child in this outfit. Good thing, because I happened to walk right by her at the gates.
I took my turn in the tournaments and won every contest I was in. I fought my way to you and slipped this letter inside your cloak’s pocket.
If you are open to being with me, then please put this flower on your lapel when I am given my championship award. And please keep my secret, at least till I am outside the castle walls. Till we meet again.
Your heroine.
Robin, Lady Thief of the Sherwood Forest.

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