voices of consent

Voices of Consent

I want to have your body to use for my will. I’ll take it whether or not you want me to, you’ll love it or at least endure. Scream for me baby! Scream! Oh yes, that’s so good!

I was just living my life, minding my own business, when along came a monster and fell on top of me. I lay there crying till he was done. Then went home and bathed myself.

I asked all the right questions, I shared fantasies. I left safe calls and did everything right. We dated vanilla for weeks. Then finally went to his place and got it on. You’d think that would make me safe, right?

I didn’t go into a dungeon or a bar. I picked a good college and good street to live on. I mostly hang out with family and women.

Victim Blamer
What were you wearing? Did you have makeup on? Where did you meet him? Did you scream or struggle? You’re so pretty! I mean, how do you expect him to control himself? Did you press charges? NO? Then it never happened!

Oh sister! It’s the culture these perpetrators are raised in. Sheep to the slaughter they are. And we’re their victims. I pray it won’t always be so, but how else can it be unless we become an island of Amazons, just women you know. You just cannot trust a man!

It costs a fortune to keep these men incarcerated. And it’s just this one. We can’t afford to find, arrest, try and jail or treat (and we’ve tried them both!!) And what if she’s lying? All that money! Wasted out of the mouths of taxpayers!

Yeah what if she’s a whore, a liar? You’ve wrecked a good man’s life for a thing that is over reported in the name of feminism! Those fucking butches oughtta get laid. Then they wouldn’t be controlling everyone else’s sex life! Men rule!

News Reports
1) A 90 year old woman was found in her nursing home bed, having been raped, sodomized and the word “whore” was etched into her back with a knife….

2) A newborn was sent to the ER today with a shattered pelvis and internal bleeding after being raped. The baby isn’t likely to live…

(author’s note – yes these actually did occur)

So how do we resolve this?

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