greenhouse (a story)

Greenhouse (a story)

I knew there were rats or mice in the greenhouse, because I heard them scurrying around. So I’d leave some cheese out for them. I didn’t mind them being there. I never put any traps out, but every now and then I heard a squeal and snap. I hunted high and low for the trap. I hated the thought of the poor rodent being killed. I wanted as close to an ecosphere as I could get. And killing the pests didn’t help with that.
I knew there were spiders there as well. But no matter how many webs I saw, I never saw a spider.
I knew there were snails, slugs and loam worms as well. I had put a few there myself. They really helped the soil. But after about a week, I never saw any evidence of them again.
I knew there were small birds, snakes and tiny toads and frogs in there, but after a few days, they and all their shufflings and noises were gone.
But worst of all, every time I stepped inside the greenhouse, I felt like someone was watching. I never saw any garbage or foot prints. Not even scuffles, like something had shifted their butt or feet. But in case there was a homeless person camping out there, I left a sandwich and candy bar on my desk for them. They stayed where I had put them. So either they weren’t hungry, or they weren’t there. So I stopped leaving them.
I’d get the heebie-jeebies almost every day. And it stumped me that I couldn’t find an explanation.
But I began to take it as just the greenhouse being the greenhouse. Maybe there was some weird kind of energy field?
And then I began to take my naps on the couch in my office. Then on the couch in the back area where we potted plants. It was right inside the door to the area where we kept the parasitic plants. Every now and then, there’d be a tail or thread into the room where I napped. I just shoved it out with my toe on my way out and thought nothing more of it than maybe there was a breeze that moved them about.
Until one day when I was feverish and congested, nothing ever came of my naps…
I dozed off for hours and woke up to what at first seemed like a blanket over me. But I didn’t have any in there. Then it struck me that the cover seemed more like leaves than any material I ever knew. But just as that struck me as impossible, I started to feel the cover tighten around me. Till it squeezed, and really really got hard to handle. Hard to move. Hard to breathe.
Then all I saw was dark and it felt like I was being squeezed down a tube of some sort?
I tried to make myself wake up, sure it was a nightmare. But the air left that I could breathe smelled more like loam than anything and was dank. I must have passed out…

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