the gauntlet

It was a challenge his friends had set up for him for his birthday.  They thought he needed something to cheer him up.
He was supposed to get the panties and the cell number of –5– women or forfeit his crown as the playboy of their group.  It had been a while since they heard any tales of his exploits. To be fair, he had to use only his words to seduce the women. No force or coercion allowed.
They gave him a list of bars where they had placed women who were his type. Smart, savvy, blondes with big boobs and a phat ass. With a quick humour and something about them that read “come get me you big stud you”. It had taken a few weeks to interview the women for his tastes and interests.  They did not know much more about him than that he had just broke up with his GF and was needing some fun. Not even what he looked like.
All he had to do was be his charming self. Should be easy, right?
His eyes lit up. A civilized hunt was better than no hunt at all, right? Lately he’d been feeling like his area was tapped out.
## ….
In the first bar, he came across the princess. He spotted her the second he entered the bar. She was dressed in the latest trends, with killer shoes. But there on the dance floor, she had exuded sex. All the locals were sniffing the air around her and she was having none of it.  She danced by herself rather than with them. She was hoping they were not the guy she had interviewed for. Otherwise, all he’d be getting was the back of her hand for his troubles.
He took a look at her drink and snapped a finger at the bartender. He got a nod and went over close to her. When the bar man gave her the drink and motioned to him, she looked over. Gave him the glance over and her bored look changed to one of interest. So he walked over to her. He offered to dance with her and she agreed. He slipped a $20 to the bartender to ask the band for something sexy and smooth. A tango if they knew one.
The next song came on and he took her hand. Perfect. Within a couple notes, they had their rhythm in sync and were heating up the floor. People started giving them room to move and just watching, rather than dancing themselves. They exchanged few words, but lots of body contact and their eyes never left each other’s.  After a few dances, they walked to the edge of the crowd. He had said he had to leave. Could he have her cell phone number? She gladly gave it to him. As a memento of their heated dances, he asked for her panties, so she went to the service end of the bar and slipped them off discretely. And handed them to him. He sniffed them and winked at her. Yep, he liked the thought of getting to know her better.
## ….
At the next bar, was a woman who was challenging the guys to darts and pool. She was dressed in jeans and a really tight sexy tee. She had on a pair of sandals that looked like the heel could take out a guy’s …well anything soft he was stupid enough to get in their way. She was teasing them, especially when she kept beating them. But she was also making it worthwhile to play her and lose. It was quite the show to watch her act.
He stood at the edge of the crowd and cheered her. Till she heard him and came over.  Asked him if he would like a game. He hesitated, then said yes. He was pretty good at pool. He was sure he’d have to beat her to earn her respect. So based on what he had seen, he laid his bet.  She sassed him and he calmly and quietly asked her if she backed her  mouth up if she lost. She hadn’t lost all night so she said yes. He said then they’d play for her panties.  She quipped back with what she got if he lost. He said he’d give her one wish. Then winked.
She set out to win, but he kept distracting her. It seemed only fair since she was trying that on with the men. That’s what her tease act and sassing was after all, a distraction. To keep them at a distance.
They both played their best, but he edged her out and won. So she went to the ladies’ room and returned with her panties in hand. He asked,  since it was  a close game, if he could have her cell # so they could have a rematch. She gave it to him.
Yep, he liked the thought of her challenging him.  He kissed her cheek and left the bar for the next one.
## ….
At the next bar, he saw a woman who was surrounded by a group of men. They kept sniffing around her and jumping at her every whim and fancy. She was obviously bored with them, but they were drooling over her.
She petted them everytime they did what she asked.
He watched for a minute, then walked up to her and asked if they could dance. She looked him over and said no.  So he went off to spend a bit of time around the bar. Spending time and attention on anything else but her. She wasn’t used to a guy taking no for an answer and she kept looking to see where he was.
Finally, she came over to him, asked if he still wanted to dance. He hesitated, then said ok. In a blase fashion. She huffed, but took his hand when he offered it. He picked a waltz for her. Figuring she’d appreciate the rules and order of the dance. But he added in some passionate flourishes and made sure he minded his Ps and Qs in the dance and his treatment of her. He could tell she appreciated it. And when he dipped her and was strong enough to hold her, she smiled.  He told her the truth of his evening’s quest and asked if she would consider helping him out.  Her face lit up  “oh it’s you!” . She happily handed over her panties and cell number. “I appreciate the honesty and respect you just showed.  I was wondering how you’d get them from me. I give panties away and some of my friends sell them.”
He smiled and kissed her hand in thanks.

## ….

He had trouble finding the next bar. It was on the main street, but it was a little hole in the wall. He doubted it got much walkin traffic. He double checked the address and found it was right.  A quick look around and he found himself in a biker bar.  So he slowed his roll and first thing he looked for was the owner of the bar, then the head rider. Having placed them, he made sure who their women were. Last thing he wanted was a fight.
After that, he saw a woman who seemed to be hanging out with a couple girl friends.  Every once in a while, a guy would approach and she’d rebuff him or she’d dance with him and go back to her friends. She wasn’t out for a date at all. Must be her.
He sent her a drink and waited for her to acknowledge him. Which she did quick enough. In fact, she came over and thanked him. So they chatted a bit till someone put on the juke box. Uh a retro bar?  He smiled at her, grabbed her hand and swung her into a jive.  He heard a few war woops and suddenly they were surrounded by a bunch of dancers. Dancing bikers… He just grinned. He might just come here again.
He joked with her and found her lobbying them back. He had a blast, till it was time to go.  He had one more place to hit. So he asked for her cell number and got it.  He kissed her lips quickly and asked if she ever gave her panties away. And waited thru her hesitation. She went to the bathroom and came back to discretely shove them in his jeans’ pocket.  He thanked her and left. The panties were micro. Yeah he’d call her! He wanted to see them on her.
## ….
The last bar was beside a truck stop and a diner. It was meant as a road side watering hole, he guessed. There were a few people there. But nobody who he thought was his type, or his friends might put in his way. So he sat down and had something to eat.  Well the burgers were worth putting in his roster of good food and he’d return just for that.
Just as he was getting ready to call for his check, a monstrous big rig, all dressed in fuschia (did I really just say there’s a fuschia big rig in this world??) showed up.  A hot blond got out of the driver’s side. I mean smoking hot.  His jaw hit the floor. His uncle was a trucker and he’d heard of female drivers and couples who rode together, but nothing about beauty queens who drove.
He had to talk to her!
So he bought her her coffee and muffin, and asked to chat a bit. He had gotten a license when his uncle started getting older, so he could be his relief driver if he was sick or wanted a holiday. So he had the right questions and banter. They went out to the rig so he could look around. He heard a few calls on the CB for “foxy” and when he made a comment about foxy being popular tonight, she blushed.  A few of the old timers teased her by calling her that. They were just checking up on her. She called back and told them she had a fan.  They asked if she was showing him her cot yet? He laughed. She blushed even more.
He wanted to go with her on the road, but knew aint no way she’d say yes. He gave her a copy of his license and his cell so if she ever wanted a relief driver, she could call him. She gave him hers.
As he was walking away, she called out “Don’t you want my panties?”  He whipped around and stared at her. “That’s you??”  It must have been his best friend then, cuzz he was the only one who knew about the trucking thing. She handed him a pair from the cot. He thanked her and left grinning.
## ….
He took all the panties and cell numbers to the restaurant where his friends had arranged to meet him. And won the bet. He’d never really doubted that. The dungeon might be tapped out, but there were still a lot of wild women out there. He knew he’d be fine.
As he sat there, the truck driver called and said she’d got ahold of the boss and asked if she could take him on a training drive. So he could be her relief.  The boss said yes. It seems he knew his uncle from years ago.
So he took off out the door. He was going on a road trip! His friends hooted behind him. He just grinned.



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