the oracle’s temple

The Oracle’s Temple (a story)

She was called to the palaces and temples around her for her consultations. They wanted to know when enemies would come across the borders; when princes would be born; and when the harvest would be good. They didn’t want to hear about the years of boredom. Or hard work.
They wanted drama, but the truthful kind. They wanted a show. Flare.
They wanted their holy books scoured and explained. For signs of the end times; the birth of saviours; and the rising of the hell spawns. They didn’t want to hear about the days and nights of praying and rule keeping they would have to do to be considered holy people. Or the stringent dieting and tithing they would have to do either. They didn’t want to serve the god/esses or their temples. They wanted to be served, on demand. By god/esses and oracles.
They wanted her to not only tell them what they wanted to hear, but also to make it come true. They wanted a sorceror or a witch, not an oracle.
So she got good at the “fill” that could come true to anyone. So broad that it would fit a lot of people. And it would be weird if it didn’t.
And she got good at using toys that had more flash than substance.
And she practiced and studied for hours. And she took drugs to open her mind and had sex to relax her body. So she was constantly in service to her avocation.
She was tired of it. So once in a while, she’d cause trouble… She’d tell a spouse when their partner was cheating. Or tell a partner when the child they loved wasn’t theirs. It lost her some traffic to her door, but she was ok with that. It augmented her reputation of truth. People were scared of her now. Because they knew she told the truth, whether or not they liked it.
What did they expect, when they overused her and didn’t appreciate her hard work and dedication?
When she died, many breathed a sigh of relief. But those who followed her in the temple soon realized how many of the predictions she made for the future were coming true. The ones she had written in the temple books.
The story of her prowess started to spread. And the reputation of the temple was raised. They tried to find a diviner to follow in her footsteps, but could not. Not with her bloodline and her skill.
But was it really necessary? She was the most powerful oracle they had ever known. And had left behind verses and books leading to signs of the end days. So those that followed her, started worshipping her, instead of the god/esses.
And raised her name up to the hierarchy as a saint. As a divine visitor put on earth for a while to help the people.
Was she?
She knew more than any demon could. Demons are not known for forecasting into the future. And she had done better than any human could. It was an awesome level of accuracy.
She was a brilliant woman. One more sign and she will be considered a saint.


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