the walk of mystery

the walk of mystery

the seeker
Came to the land and sought out it’s secrets. Wanting to know the culture and the people. She stayed for some time and was eventually let inside something beyond the day-to-day eating, drinking, smoking, fucking… The people had to know her heart, before they let her know theirs.
One night they took her to the temple and asked her questions about her journey, what brought her to them. She seemed to be answering the questions correctly. Because they let her stay for her first rites. She had shown patience.

the initiate and her teacher, the torch bearer
One of the elder women stepped forward to tutor her in their ways. She invited questions and if she didn’t know the answer, she asked another elder to step into their lessons. Until the question was answered. The tutor was glad to find she was learning as well. Broadening her journey.
There came a point when the initiate’s path was meant to diverge. And she had to choose what she wanted next. She had shown curiousity and eagerness. As well as a real affinity for the rites and lessons.

the monk – (avoids wine, meat and sex)
Came to her to show her his way of life first. He was all about introspection and deprivation. A very internal strength was needed for separating yourself from things and people to walk a spiritual path.
A woman could be a nun/sister.

the king – (half divine – human mother)
Though this was a path that few could walk, the prince told her about his journey and what his life was like.
A woman could be his consort or queen. Since he was already married, that left consort in his household. Or his brother’s or father’s.

the scribe – (poetic verse of the secrets of the gods).
Came to her and showed her samples of his work. Juniour scribes were initiated as translators or secretaries, basically.

the temple prostitute
Sex rites were a critical aspect of the walk of mystery. So they trained the women who wanted to be a temple whore in their rites. Her life would be of service to the god/desses and the temple. Sacred sexuality was a path of meditation and worship. They became in effect a priestess and a teacher.

Only the devout could take any of these journeys, so they encouraged her to think it over before she began any of them. The only path left was a life of service to the temple rites till she was deemed knowledgeable enough to be an elder of the temple.

She went out into the dessert for seven days; she looked at the palace harem; she tried to copy, translate and write her own poetry; and she was educated in the temple sex rites. Before she made her decision…
Finally she chose the life of a temple prostitute.
She was accepted by her mentor as an acolyte.

The stars were dancing on the night she began to serve the temple. She had found her life quest and happiness. And the stars and god/desses had found a new worshipper.


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