cave paintings

Cave Paintings

Her eyes were the first to see this picture in centuries. And she was awestruck by it. It proved so many theories about pre-historic peoples.
She walked a bit closer to see the icons; the bull, the bear, the deer, the pig, the dog and the horse. She saw the sky and the earth in the fluid lines and wondered where these people put mother and father. She looked for the seasons and saw evidence of flood and famine. To others, it might seem primitve and worthless. So horribly basic in drawing skills, like a child of maybe two had done it. But this find was going to buy her prestige, to the point where her name would be known for centuries in academia. So the drawings were gorgeous. Stunning!
She had goose bumps on her arms and a wide grin on her face. This is what her good listening skills had bought her. All the hours of recording stories the elders of nearby villages had told. Putting together a map, basically, that had led to this virtually forgotten cave. And potential fame in her field.
She sent some shots off to her dept head at the university and got the excited and immediate response she had expected. He had walked out of a senior class when he had seen the pictures. It was a find few would ever make in their careers. He asked where in the ever loving fuck she was! And she laughingly told him the name of the nearest village. He said he was on the first flight out. She didn’t doubt that at all! For the airline’s sake, she hoped there was a flight within a few hours.
Somehow the colours of the painting had stayed true, so very little air had gotten to them.
She wandered thru to the next chamber. And found the altar. With tiny little female statues. Very curvacious, tiny little statues. She wasn’t sure if the women of that time had such curves. But these buxom creatures would have difficulty walking, managing their day, without some feeling of being off kilter. Some clumsiness.
This find was perfect! And it was hers!
In the next chamber, she found bones. Split limbs in one section and skulls in another. The skulls had some kind of clay on their faces. Possibly red when it was put on. But now almost an earth tone. Centuries of change. She wondered if there was a back opening, because the front cave had held it’s colours better over time. She wet her finger and held it up to see if there was a draft. Yes, just as she thought. So she kept moving back.
In another chamber, she found a bunch of female bones. She could tell by the pelvis and skull shape. A room full of feminine death. She wondered if it had been ritual sacrifice or over time and suffocation? Without touching what had to be very fragile bones, she looked for evidence of torture, but found none. These ladies probably starved to death in the walled up or guarded chamber. Or were oxygen deprived. Depending how cruel the rites were at that time.
There were some household goods in this chamber. They had believed then that there was a life after this one. And they had planned provisions. Must be a fairly wealthy group to do all this for a small group, like those that existed in the first chamber.
The cave was more about protection of these people’s remains and goods than anything else. Not yet at the burial stage of development yet. She sent some more pictures to her dept head. And got huge drooling emojis back. She laughed, he was such a nut sometimes. What she was seeing, even without such tools as xrays and carbon dating were giving them both clues to the era when this cave was used.
And it was pristine. No garbage, no apparent scavenging. She didn’t see any holes in the layout, like things had gone missing. The people hadn’t been here in centuries. She wondered if they had forgotten it, or if their superstitions had kept them away from it. Their stories didn’t really make that clear.
Many hours later, she looked up and saw her student’s face. He had been outside on the phone, giving directions to the dept head to get there. They were both still grinning and in awe of the stories and credit that would come from this day. So excited.
So in this window, they took the opportunity to let off a bit of steam, before the head arrived. They found a free corner where nothing they did would disturb the artifacts and shoved aside their clothes and had sex. They were pretty sure the gods wouldn’t mind at all.
And they were right! Those who oversaw the culture of these people looked down and smiled. They felt worshipped again.


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