adult sex/porn worker story


I love my job!
I was the guy who spent their time in alleys, bushes, bathrooms and lanes, serving my crowd’s needs. I was the guy who got higher marks, better perks, better jobs, and all for putting a cock in my mouth. They thought they were the ones getting something for almost nothing, but nope, that was me. I loved having a cock in my mouth. It didn’t take much convincing to get what I wanted either.
I also kept my lips shut, when they weren’t wrapped around a cock. So they could trust me, while they had a main relationship, or were doing their downlow thing with me.
If I could have, I would have made a career of it. Oh wait! I did!
I would have gone on camera, but I wasn’t the look-of-the-day. As often as that turns over, you’d have thought I’d find a curve, but nope. I was cute and fit, but they tend to go for a more butch look. Well my bosses did anyway. Maybe I worked for the wrong company?
Oh well, they treated me right, and off camera work tends to be more secure than on, if you show up and do what you’re told. It averages out. You get paid more for being on camera, but you work more years off camera.
During the shoot, your whole job is to keep the star(s) hard. Sometimes, it’s all about blowing them between scenes, but sometimes it’s easier to tell them dirty stories into an earwig, when they’re doing the same shot for the umpteenth time.
I tell good stories! I have an amazing repertoire of stories. The director even listens and has threatened to introduce me to a ghost writer so I can write an erotic novel, or at least a script so he can shoot my stories.
But for the purpose of the stars, all I need to do is talk dirty about something to explain the sensations they feel, without being the same thing they see in front of them for the 100th time. To change their headspace from the scene.
I often bring in some of their fave fantasies to spice it up and have it be something they are into as well.
My day is about sex. My day is about the cock. And I am good at servicing the cock.

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