kik chats

kik chats


oh baby baby, show me your bewbs!

tell me your name so I know what to call you in my picket fence dreaming


um huh… ok so show me your butt baby baby wiggle it for me gawd that skirt is so sexy, so hot so tight!

where do you work? I gotta see if you qualify for my wonder list of potential husbands


fuck me! you weird chick u! So intense! Show me your twat, you sexy thing. I wanna see how wet you’ll get for me

I want to tell you my desires and dreams about the future… will you tell me yours?


ooo are they dirty? I wanna use you like a whore, make you cum like crazy baby baby

woman to her friend
I’m trying to get him to open up to me. Poor guy must have been hurt so bad by someone.

man to friend

Chicka is nutso. Like I mean 5 kiks and she wants marriage and family. She knows I’m married, right? wtf huh?

woman in journal
Dear Freud, I’m pretty sure he fits your thesis of ……. He has these symptoms
blah blah blah (text wall after text wall)

man’s friend to man

dude! wtf have you got into here??

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