storm chaser

Storm Chaser

He looked for violence and asked only for dissention, where she wanted pathos and drama. They spent their day following the currents to see where the flow came from. What fascinated them was disturbing to others. But while she just followed it and commented, he was an instigator. Yet the uneducated called them both trolls.
If there was a crime to report, he was the white knight who only wanted something out of it to get involved. Mostly sex. And she was the SJW, who ranted and railed and attacked, instead of soothed. But her aim was to get her own name, rather than a bed partner. Both still wanted something other than justice. Justice ended the story.
They both had crowds following them. The people didn’t quite have the nerve to be a chaser themselves, but oh did they love to see the aftermath. When storm and chasers were at their best. From a distance of course, though some were a bit more courageous than others. Not close enough to get hurt, but definitely able to see and hear all the energy of the storm. To see the aftermath.
Some of the crowd were bordering on psychopathology. If not there. They got more and more excited the closer to death the risk was. They laughed at the genuine harm and got bored if there was a lull. A few would poke the storm to get more of a story to follow.
They wanted sex and death, jealousy and greed, wrath and shame. So long as it was on.
A rare group within would follow the storm chasers to be heroes. Maybe to save the victims, maybe to help clean up the damage. But they rarely cared about anyone involved. It was all about their own self worth.
But there was an even rarer group that started the storm in the first place. What would you call them? It was some need beyond human to see chaos and turmoil. Not just drama at normal human levels, but life-ending moments of apocalypse. If they were the kingmaker in an empire, the next thing to follow would be a war. If they were the archbishop in a church, the next thing would be a crusade or inquisition.
Nobody was sure where the first shot came from, but they did see who was enjoying the show. It just wasn’t in them to believe in human evil at that level. The innocent never do see such devilish pranks as even plausible. They figure drama in all it’s phases is natural. But sometimes there are architects. Someone who pulls the stirngs. You just have to know where to look.
But they exist and they are searching for just the right strings to pull. To unleash the storm and draw the attention of the storm chasers again. It only takes a second to build the energy up. Over and over again.

. . . . storm speeds






[seismic wave][]

[thought to speech][]
[speech to comprehension][]

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