let’s rip HIS shirt off!

Let’s Rip HIS Shirt Off

(tongue in cheek)


I love a good bodice ripper! They are awesome for relaxing when almost nothing else will do. You have the standard one where some sexy magazine star is half naked and buff, sexy and ready to take a place in your dreams. Long flowing hair you can yank them about with, soft glowing healthy skin and an imminently kissable mouth. That is usually enough to get the imagination and the juices running.
Then you add in a nice character plot. A dude needs to be saved from his hoard of stalkers, or a runaway horse maybe? Maybe he has a bunch of kids or an elderly mother who needs an attendant. And along you come to take charge. They usually are somewhat idiotic when it comes to care-giving.
Or he has a desk job and just can’t manage to keep his schedule straight, let alone get his coffee and lunch on time. His friends keep stopping by and need to be whipped away from his desk and his secretary’s too. They can’t seem to grasp the concept of work. And the gaggle of geese he thinks are date material is awe inspiring. Really! What would he do without you to chase them away?
Then there are the adventures. He seems to find any situation worthy of a gun or a fight and needs to be shown that love does more to change the world than any amount of guns ever will. You just gotta keep kissing the guy till he settles down, right? The odd one actually needs more than a few good kisses. They need a good pregnancy to get their attention. Sighs! What we women do for
these men!
There is a whole genre of wild west ones, where the settler desperately needs a work mate and writes off to their home land or captures some miscreant or young thing that needs to be shown what a good work day is.
Or historical ones, usually where the queen and her maidens show the menfolk what a court is all about. Taking a ruffian and taming him, or a country bumpkin and civilizing him. Or a rake and putting him into the grasp of a good woman.
I adore the gothic ones, where some therian or otherkin is tamed by love and awesome sex! There are usually a few good capture scenes too. Occasionally she gets out of hand and does more than just tackle him to get his attention.
There are even some mystery cross-overs with romance. Some psycho ex needs to be shown who the bitch of the hood is, once they figure that is the problem- child at the bottom of the stuff going on. Or some company wants to take your life, business and/or home over. And once you know the lengths they’ll go to to achieve that aim, you always come up with a last chance way to stop them. Justice always prevails! AND romance wins the day too!
Nowadays, it’s becoming de rigeur to have some chains and whips added in and who knows. You don’t just get virgin boys in the story for women to educate about sex. And we occasionally allow a man to be less stupid in their life skills. It’s nice to see that for a change. I mean, without a woman, how would they live?? They can’t cook or clean, they have no clue what a household budget or work place kitty requires. And if you asked them to care for an elderly person or child, they’d have a nervous breakdown! Poor sods!
These romances are such a light read, and end on a perfectly romantic moment though. It’s no wonder why they’re so popular. What;’s not to love?

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