the words in feminism are changing

> It could be because some women are saying that feminism doesn’t include them

But feminism began to [give women the right to vote][] and to recognize us as people rather than chattel under the law, [so we can inherit and hold property.][]
That’s going well in North America and Europe, but is it world wide yet? Nope.

> It could be because feminazis have dirtied our rep.

Yeah well… there are extremists in every group.

> And it could be because there is more than one kind of oppression.

So in order to recognize what we go thru, we need to change the words now and then. Feminism was meant to support and include after all.

## . . . . sources

[equity vs equality][]

## . . . . kyriarchy
coined by [Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza][üssler_Fiorenza]
in her 2001 book, Wisdom Ways: Introducing Feminist Biblical Interpretation.

## . . . . social bias
[social biases, prejudice and discrimination][]

## . . . . privilege
[Peggy McIntosh][]
[Peggy McIntosh’s essay on privilege][]
[forms of privilege][]
[pause for thought- an interesting “fun” test][]

## . . . .intersectionality
[Kimberle Williams Crenshaw][é_Williams_Crenshaw]
[Crenshaw’s Mapping the Margins-intersectionality][]

**pls read the links. You might learn something!**

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