women’s health

Women have a really intricate hormonal and bodily balance that can tip off and cause problems. Easily. It doesn’t require a “perfect storm”.
Common symptoms that let you know there is a problem are:
* bleeding changes with your periods
* sudden weight gain or loss, bloating, fatty
* cravings, appetite changes
* abdominal pain, cramps
* discharges
* migraines (I know, wrong end, but it’s true!)
* pain during or after sexual activity
* gas, bowel changes
I don’t mean once or twice. I don’t mean your friend has something with symptoms like you had once in college or HS.
And to differentiate often takes actual pathological tests. Not what your friend thinks might be wrong.

Some of the things can be minimized by taking care of yourself; fitness, healthy diet, not smoking, using a condom when you have sex…
Some of the things? Well shit, you just got a bad genetic code somewhere, and sucks for you.

A lot of these things can be managed, without having major surgery. Some can’t be managed even with it. Because by the time you realize you’re having an issue (symptoms) you are too far along and treatment is a “hail mary”. At least by Western medicine.

A lot of the current research says [PAP tests][https://forwomenseyesonly.com/2012/11/13/what-doctors-dont-want-you-to-know-about-pap-tests-and-pelvic-exams/] , mamograms and ultrasounds are the way to go to keep on top of your health. But unless you can get an appt in the window of your cycle, and have a doctor and lab & radio tech who are on top of their game, you will get a false result in up to 60% of the cases.

Your best advocate for your health though, is still you. So be sure you keep track of things like cycles, bowel movements, eat a healthy diet full of fibre, folic acid, balance your Omega 3 & 6 fats, D3 and iron and reduce caffeine (yes I mean chocolate too) and alcohol. Also as you age, it’s really important to watch your calcium and magnesium intake. You DON’T want brittle bones!
Good luck ladies!
Oh if you don’t believe me, here are the readings (yawn)…

. . . .
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. . . .
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. . . .

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