therapeutic avatars series pt 2

[Naughty nurse] and [frisky firefighter] were eager to help when the counselor proposed a master class in oral sex. Almost to a human level. They were quite surprised by the statistics on human sexual deficiencies in orgasm and in performance anxiety. After some practice and tips from the counselor, they were ready to show the audience.
Surprisingly a lot of people err when they think they have to just gulp and [swallow it][] .  Oral sex is so much more than that.  At least it should be!
The avatars showed the audience how to [lick it up][]  like a lollipop first.  Some tease is always good before the demand or pressure of deep throat or tongues used as a pile driver.  And some people prefer the tease and prolonging of their experience.  Not everyone wants to cum in less than a minute. And not all can either. Especially if you virtually demand it.
Along with the tease, some like a little pain or irritation in their experience, so nibbles or [love bites][] add to their experience.
Some people like hard bites. As with all sexual matters, oral sex is very much an individually geared activity.
Of course,  it is important to  [suck][] , either the penis or the clitoris. But not all the time!! It becomes too sensitive that way. Changing the stimulation is the best way to prolong the experience, and make it more enjoyable as well.
With the men who have a ready trigger, oral sex can be a good way of teaching them better management of their bodies. Give them a little bit at a time, [just a taste][] so they can’t count on the rythmn.
Practice is fun and necessary to help someone who has challenges with their orgasms or anxiety. They want it over and over and say [do that to me one more time][] .
It’s important to take a [slow hand][] when it comes to sex. And lastly, don’t forget to use your hands as well as your mouth when engaging in oral sex. You can also use toys. Sex doesn’t always have to be about penis and vagina meeting. Yawn!  Boring!!
Oral sex can be and often is, a very intimate experience. Especially when couples do it.  And when they understand what their partner needs, they more easily arrive at orgasms. [I feel love][]
If one partner is in chastity, it’s a good relief method for the other as well.
Just don’t forget to use condoms and dental dams for STD prevention! And have fun with it!
The counselor asked  [naughty nurse]and  [frisky firefighter] to put on a demo about bdsm. They came to a [meeting of the minds] . While they got ready, the counselor gave a talk to the clients about the [common ideals] found  in the lifestyle. And a safety talk on [bondage] , [flogging] , and the [human body] .  By then naughty nurse and frisky firefighter were ready to perform.
Their tracks were cued… and naughty nurse took the lead to [venus in furs][] . She flicked her furs and whips around and stunned the clients with her prowess.  The clients weren’t sure if frisky firefighter was excited or scared.  Maybe both… he was a little pale and sweaty. Naughty nurse was too for that matter. But as they got into the groove, they both perked up. Just in time for[the masochism tango][] to play.

After the song, some posturing and a  few whips, they took a break so naughty nurse could check frisky firefighter’s well being.

The counselor talked about the importance of [safe words],  finding a [peer][

and what [the power roles were] .

Then naughty nurse and frisky firefighter were ready to go again.  They cued the song

[hatefuck][] and played it out to the audience’s delight. Some were clapping and some were squirming in their chairs at the thought. But the last song have them a bit worried… [Breath control][] was something they hadn’t heard before and they weren’t sure how literally this would be taken. Then they remembered, frisky firefighter was just an avatar. They laughed a bit at their silliness and watched the show. It did make them squirm that what they were watching wasn’t exactly legal in their time…

**the counselor on being mean  – the nemesis of love

Animals are mean because they are protecting themselves, their territory, their young, or they are scared. If you leave them alone and they aren’t hungry, they’ll leave you alone too. Not so much with humans though.

[mean-spirited animals][]
Humans don’t need to be missing a meal to go after you nor do they need to be protecting someone or something either. They get jealous and they get lonely so they lash out. Or they don’t understand you, so they attack. Get them together in a group and they can mob you to death, literally and metaphorically. They won’t let go either. Whether they are right or wrong. Even if they see their victim is seriously harmed by their meanness. Some don’t even feel remorse if the person they attack, ceaselessly, kills themselves.

Nothing is sacred or off- limits either. They shame the weak, they tease the hungry, and they bully the young and small. Maybe the animals should rule the world? {the bitch is back][]
A lot of people have difficulty understanding the difference between types of positive social censure like constructive criticism, or teasing someone in a light, loving way vs tearing them apart. Or failure to support someone who is having a hard enough time  coping.  Aren’t we here to help each other after all? [put a little love in your heart][]

That type of behaviour  reminds me of [vultures]

They never go after a healthy human or animal. But they will pick on the sick and weak, the dying and start feeding. Before the last breath.

They presume that bluster is healthy ego and set out to destroy the poser. They presume that aggression is the cause, vs the symptom.  Aggression is the front for fear, deprivation or sadness.   Don’t forget that whining is a form of passive aggression. So that friend who can only say bad things about themself or others?  Yep aggression. Assertion is healthy.

They can worry at a loved one till that person no longer feels love.

It’s one thing to have a kink for shaming or humiliating, presuming that you build them up afterwards and they get it’s part of the script. It’s another to constantly undermine their autonomy and self image. That is abusive and can have the opposite effect of what you are looking for if the purpose is to change them in any healthy or coping direction. And it changes both the people involved.  The victim and yes the shamer too.

[bad blood][]

As far as sex goes, (minus those who have a kink for shaming or humiliation) it can really reduce their desire to engage with you. Which really sabotages the relationship. [harder to breathe][]
So watch that negging and you will have a far healthier and more  frequent sex life.  Something to work for, huh?

[facts about vultures][]

**the counselor

The counselor was made just right for human counseling programs.  The scientists had spliced animal genes together wih human ones to make the perfect carer. They wanted someone who was wired to gain positive results from their clients. A counselor was needed that was protective, kind, sharing and would be very smart and observant. After all, people were coming to them in pain.
[love hurts][]
The vampire bat seemed like an odd choice since it would take blood from humans.  But when a friend or family member needed help, they were there.
[I’ll share my world with you][]
The ringed seal was potentiially violent due to it’s size, but when push came to shove, the seal would protect it’s own. So it was a matter of the counselor bonding with the clients and all would be well.
[handle with care][]
The giant bull frog went to lengths to keep their young safe and was very tender with them.
[love me tender][]
The dolphin was kind and protective to those in need, whether or not they were their own.
[I’ll stand by you][]
The dog was willing and able to foster babies even outside it’s own species, even if it should by instinct be it’s prey. And it could be trained to assist humans.
[Give a little bit][]
The ant was quite the worker and very helpful and protective of it’s queen and the babies. They were bound to the social hierarchy.
[Rock me gently][]
After a few relationships and some training, the counselor was ready to take on the first couple.
[I Want to know what love is][]
[caring animals][]
The project had begun!

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