therapeutic avatars series pt 1

high tech sex therapy

She was one of the galaxy’s best marital counselors and was known for how well she worked with sexual dysfunctions. Before she took them in as clients, she had the clients undergo medical tests, so she knew they were healthy and up to the rigors of sexual behaviour. Her avatars helped her to guide her clients thru the intricacies of good sex. Without having any issues with jealousy or hygiene. What can you catch from an avatar after all?
The men she was most helpful with were those with performance anxiety. She coached them thru their difficulties by having naughty nurse do strip teases and erotic shows. Get them stimulated to the point where they had to act.
With the women, she was most helpful with those who had past traumas. Frisky firefighter  would patiently and with no expectations or needs outside of the woman’s get closer to them by degree.
And for the couples, the avatars would put on sex demos to show how something was done. For couples who were bored or too innocent to get the basics down.
She had a really high success rate. People came from all over the universe just to see her. And she made time for them. She’d rather have more avatars than let a person in need get left behind.


[Naughty nurse] wanted to show me her strip tease before she did it for a client.  I have to admit, I was titillated. She was gorgeous after all.

When she entered the room, all you could see was her white cape and [red boa]. On such innocence, the red was shocking. Almost jarring.

Then the opening notes of Peggy Lee

came over the speakers.  I understood the red now.  She walked around the dias and made a few sways and dips as she lip synced to the lyrics. It was really cute and feminine. Ok I was curious what  would come next.

The opening cords played of the next song,

George Michael and her white cape hit the floor in a flash.  She stood before me still covered in  white till she turned around.  I saw peeks of red. She started to use the pole in this song and it became a bit sexier. Ok now we were getting somewhere!

As the next song began, Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya & Pink she dropped the long white apron. There was little innocence left. So the bump and grind began. It was a completely different dance by the time we heard the next song. Barry White  She flashed her boobs and shook her booty. I mean what woman wouldn’t react to Barry in a sex way?  But when the next song came on, Def Leppard it went beyond a tease, to an invitation. I was squirming on my seat… My eyes were wide open and I was primed. The only thing that saved her from me springing on the stage was my curiousity. I wanted to see what was in store. Even when she took the bra of the bikini off!

When Marvin Gaye  came on,  I was glad I hadn’t pounced. First the tease, then the invitation, now she was having sex with the pole. I was panting. I thought I was impressed then and for what i knew, I was. It was going to be a hit!

As Dr Hook  began her bikini panties started to shimmy down her hips, then her legs and I was enthralled. I wasn’t sure how she managed it. She hardly used her hands.  When they hit the floor, she reached into a box I hadn’t noticed for SOME reason, and pulled out a [boa constrictor !! I almost fainted!  I almost ran! But I couldn’t and as she began sliding the snake over her and coiling it around her body to Rod Stewart , I was soooooo glad I stayed.  It was not a common show and the clients would be thrilled by it. Now that would turn on a dead man!  And some women too!

I stood up on my wobbly legs, ever so careful to stay away from the snake, and did the jazz hands. Aint no way I was scaring the snake with loud noises!!


[Frisky firefighter] had a much slower groove with the clients as he dealt with trauma victims. So something as overtly sexual as [naughty nurse] enjoyed doing so much wouldn’t fly at all. He was all hearts and flowers, affection vs sexuality, and erotic dancing vs sexual tease and torture. He was a courtly gentleman, whether his clothes were on or off.  He asked, he didn’t badger. And what was on offer was whatever the woman accepted.
He came in with [rose water]and a very courtly attitude toward the client. He kept his distance until he was given permission to get closer. And he came in stages, just asking for a small contact.
First he asked,  [I wanna hold your hand][] and waited till he had a yes before he continued. Even if he had to sit on auto replay for months, it went no faster than she was ready. But finally the day came, and he was their [hand to hold on to][] .  And he took the time to celebrate each small success, before they tried for the next one.  Because you never knew…
When they were ready for the next stage, he asked [can I have a kiss?][] and waited for her yes. Ever patient, ever loving, ever tender. This stage might be easier. But then again, it might be harder as well.  Having given ground, the client might become inflexible about giving more. Very much about self protection. Or they might see that ask as a trigger of what had occurred in their traumatic event and be unable to go there. Not without extensive counseling. He might have to wait years, but one day he was ready for [this kiss][] and so was the client.  Usually more of a peck than anything but quite an achievement when it occurred.
And the dance within the dance began.  [1 step forward, 2 steps back][] . But he was ever patient and tender. Where most humans would have been frustrated, he didn’t know what that meant. That’s why he was such an awesome tool for the counselor.
The affection grew and so did their relationship. He could ask for bigger things than the affection tools. Like can you [trust me?][]
Without this key element, the affection tools were a waste of time. It took some negotiation, but terms were set and they would be honoured.
So they could move on.  And he asked for her to [hug my soul][] and awaited her/his response. Again he might get a quick yes but then have to wait her/him out on the next gain. But when the client was ready, they were [smothered in hugs][] . It was a rest stage , where intimacy was gained as well as [a little respect][] .
Finally, the last affection tool was used.  To begin, he became their [tiny dancer][] and slowly drew them into the show with him. Where naughty nurse had been just a show, he and the client danced together when he asked [touch me when we’re dancing][] and waited for them to be ready.  In this final affection tool, he saw them graduate to a survivor and honoured that with the client and the counselor. They had a little ceremony where he gave them a [rose bud] and reminded them that though [every rose has it’s thorn][] , they now knew they could survive. They had come far and weren’t likely to slide backwards.
The clients were very proud and it looked good for them being able to translate their new skills into the human world.  But if they needed a refresher course, he was always there for them. Never frustrated if he had to help again. The advantage of using an avatar, instead of a man.

Avatar Anal Nookie

Naughty nurse and frisky firefighter were asked to put on a demo about anal sex.
The counselor reminded the clients that this wasn’t the porn version they might have been used to seeing. The bottom wasn’t just meant to be flipped over and banged into like their innards were anything but skin.
There had to be lead up stimulation. Arousal had to be increased before the rectum was penetrated. Lube was required. It was more hygenic to use a condom, whether it was your monogamous partner or not.
So frisky firefighter began kissing and rubbing naughty nurse ready. Thinking he was the one who would be penetrating. But the counselor cued for pegging instead. So naughty nurse took over the lead and stimulated him instead.
She kissed and nibbled his lips, ears and neck. She twisted and rubbed his nipples. Then she reached for his penis and massaged it. Until he was oozing pre-ejaculate.
Naughty nurse picked up a small dildo and used it to massage his rectal area. And slowly played it into his anus. In and out slowly. When she felt him relax, she reached for a larger size and worked it in and out slowly. Then she took a couple fingers, and massaged behind his testicles to stimulate his prostate.
She strapped on her fave dildo and when he was starting to ejaculate, she slowly penetrated his anus. And gently rocked in and out of him. It extended his orgasm quite a bit to be stimulated like that.
The clients were watching closely, so the counselor encouraged them to get up and go closer to the demo. The woman watched naughty nurse and the man squatted by frisky firefighter’s butt and watched how his body handled the penetration.
The clients were sure the act was over when he ejaculated. Instead they saw that he was rolling thru several in a row and naughty nurse was getting into it as well. His response was increasing. And he had an orgasm, rather than just the ejaculations just prior. The male client looked quite surprised and more than curious about how this would feel. Up till then, he had thought ejaculating once was what sex was for men. Maybe another one after a rest if the man was younger. But no, frisky firefighter was now having multiple orgasms. So he asked if that was possible for human men, The counselor said of course! Or they wouldn’t have shown it.
The demo was wound down and the counselor reminded them of the tips so they could go home and practice.

  • It’s not a porn, so slow and steady at least to begin.
  • Increase the penetration
  • Stimulate the prostate, from either behind the testicles or just inside the rectum
  • Use rocking motions
  • and him especially, just relax.

The counselor was asked about diet. She said if he was healthy, eating well (fiber is your friend!) and regular, there was really nothing special to consider. Just wait a bit after eating. There might be minor discharge. But that’s why she recommended the condom. That and a quick wash afterwards. And all was good.
The clients reported afterward that all had gone well. They were happy with their activities and glad they had been shown how.

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