some flogging tips

* for newbs especially – practice on a down or feather pillow to get accuracy to your aim and pad the areas you want/need to avoid.

* single or cyclical strokes
* “warm up” the area first with lighter touches.
* breaking the skin -be cautious about infections and know proper wound care
* know the difference between a bruise and a hematoma. Hematomas may require immediate medical attention if they are large.
* aim the tip and avoid wrapping

* body parts that are safe(r) to flog
upper back on the sides away from spine, male pecs, lightly on a female breast, thighs and lower butt
fleshy areas

* body parts to avoid:
Kidneys: The kidneys are located in the area of the back between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the butt.
Tailbone: The tailbone is located at the base of the spine, it can be cracked or broken if hit.
Hips: The sides of the bum and along the bony part of the hips, where several nerves are located.
Spine: The spine, along the back, has several small bones that can be cracked or bruised.
Neck: The neck is a very sensitive area where many major arteries, tendons, glands, and lymph nodes are located, not to mention the larynx, and should never be hit!
Face: Although face slapping and other impacts to the face are sometimes seen it is best to avoid hitting this area of the body. There are many sensitive areas (sinuses, eyes, lips, cheekbones, etc) that can be easily damaged and those injuries could be permanent!
Ears: Hitting someone on the ears can cause permanent damage to their hearing or sense of balance.
Fingers, toes -too many small bones
over skin that is healing

* re: abrasions and cuts. Immediately bandage and clean the flogger with gloves on – avoid/reduce STD transmission and reduce infections. Do NOT go from one person to another with dirty equipment!

2 thoughts on “some flogging tips

  1. Thanks for this very useful post. I can now see new ways to use my flogger on myself, and to practice with the intention of hopefully one day using it on someone else.

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